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Practical and convenient stroller "World of Childhood"

To date, the "World of Childhood" producesconvenient and practical stroller for toddlers, whose difference in the mechanism of addition ("cane" and "book"). Thanks to the construction of the frame, the carriage-book is very reliable and very convenient in comparison with the cane. At the same time, the stroller is much smaller in weight and compact in size when folded.

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Carriages "The World of Childhood"

A cane, the price of which, as a rule, is nottoo high, must meet a number of criteria (depending on the age and abilities of the baby, as well as weather conditions). Choosing this or that model, you need to determine the mechanism of addition and how intensively the stroller will be used, because for regular walks on uneven roads and unpaved roads, a crew with a reinforced frame structure and wide wheels will be needed.

Advantage of the cane produced by Mir Detstvabefore many similar models of other manufacturers - the number of positions of the back. So, this company produces different strollers: in some cases, the backrest has only one position - one-position, in other models the backrest can be adjusted to two positions - two-position, and finally, five-position - the back has as many as five positions.

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Carriages-cane "World of Childhood" has the followingfeatures: its convenient removable hood protects the child from the hot rays of the sun, and the raincoat included in the kit will serve as a cover for sudden rain. Handles are made of practical non-slip material, and the back cover is equipped with a reinforcing plate. Carriages-cane "World of Childhood" has a comfortable seat, with a smooth and comfortable adjustment of the back, the footrest is also adjustable. The mesh basket is located under the seat and is designed for things you need when you walk with the baby. The stroller "World of Childhood" is equipped with a seat belt, it is five-point, reliable and convenient. Additional protection will be a detachable adjustable handrail, which is covered with a cloth.

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When driving, maneuverability is ensureddouble floating front wheels, if necessary they are fixed. The brake is located above the rear wheels, so the "parking" of the stroller will be convenient in any place. Aluminum frame has protective coating.

Carriages-cane "World of Childhood" is very popular withmodern parents, because it is very comfortable and has a small weight. This model is easy to store or take with you to various travels, since in the folded position it takes up very little space.

Among single-position models the greatest demanduses the simplest stroller "World of Childhood Light". Basically, it is designed for grown up children who are not always sitting in strollers, who are not averse to strolling for a while and legs. She has the minimum weight, and she will become an indispensable assistant when traveling on any transport. A wheelchair-book can be a serious rival two-position stroller. They are approximately the same in weight.

Representatives of two-position canes - models"World of Childhood Picnic" and "Promenade". Reeds that have five positions fit even those kids who are still not confidently sitting, and all thanks to the fact that their back can easily be thrown off, setting in a horizontal position. The representative of this model is the "World of Childhood Marathon". The main and essential dignity of the wheelchairs "The World of Childhood" is an amazing ratio of low price and high enough quality. In addition, all the strollers of this manufacturer are modern, safe and made of reliable materials, have a stylish original design and are presented in a wide range of colors.

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