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Chairs for feeding Happy Baby Kevin

Chair for feeding Happy Baby Kevin is one of the most successful options in this product category.

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It is designed to feed babies, starting at six months of age. Chair Happy Baby Kevin is very convenient and multifunctional, and also equipped with a double tray.

If necessary, it can be easily folded. In this form, it takes up very little space. Thanks to the availability of four wheels with stoppers, the Happy Baby Kevin chair is very manoeuvrable, which greatly improves the convenience of its use.

The chair has a bright and attractive design, which is sure to please your kid, who will happily spend time with him.

Happy Baby Kevin has a back with threeadjustable angles of inclination. Sturdy and comfortable belts and a special anatomical insert between the legs of the baby provide a safe and secure position of the child in the seat. The worktop is removable and has three installation options. It is made of plastic bright colors, which is very easy to clean. The tray can be washed even in the dishwasher. The chair allows you to adjust the position of the seat in height (there are five levels).

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Happy Baby Kevin also has a basket fortoys, which have quite impressive dimensions. The seat has a durable fabric covering made of cotton (60%) and polyester (40%). The chair, even when assembled, is very compact, which allows it to be used in a small kitchen.

I would also like to add a few recommendationspsychologists about the feeding of babies. Almost all of them unanimously agree that in no case can the process of feeding be turned into a game, and the time a child spends on a stool should be strictly limited to breakfast, lunch and dinner. After all, right after your baby is eating, he will start to try to play, indulge, smear or rush food, get out of the chair and so on. Therefore, carefully monitor your child. As soon as you notice that he ate, immediately take it out of the high chair and send it to play in a place adapted for it.

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Many parents make a serious mistake,using a happy baby as a chaise longue. By doing this, you will teach your child to be distracted from the process of eating. Instead of eating, he will play, scream, etc. Therefore, you will have to leave more and more time to feed the child.

Reviews about Happy Baby Kevin

Among the advantages thatpolls parents using the highchair Happy Baby Kevin, first of all noted the upholstery material. Since this is a fabric, it is very difficult for a child to damage it, unlike oilcloth. Therefore, this coating will last much longer. Also, parents respond positively to the basket-grid that is available on the stool, into which the things necessary for feeding the baby can easily fit: napkins, a bib, toys, clothes and so on. In addition, almost all parents note the attractive design of the product, which is liked by both adults and children. The models are made in cheerful bright colors. You can choose a chair in the online store.

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