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US Holidays: What are they?

"We believe in God" - this is how the motto of the UnitedStates of America. It is a multi-faceted state. It is the third largest in terms of population and the fourth largest in the world, it includes fifty states. All of them are called equal subjects of the federation, the capital districts of Colombia, which have separate legislative, judicial, as well as executive powers and the Constitution for each state.

United States holidays
It is often possible to meet a person who dreamsget caught up with this whirlpool of scientific and technological progress, fast food and a rich nightlife. Therefore, America can easily be called a strange immigrant. Hundreds, and possibly thousands, of people from all over the world come here daily. All of them are of different nationalities and religions. And, it would seem, the more ethnic groups, the more public holidays the US celebrates. However, this opinion is erroneous. The only positive factor can be only a good employer who entered the difficult situation of an immigrant and allowed him on this great day for him not to come to work. As a consequence, with all this diversity of ethnic holidays, it is difficult to determine which institutions (be they public or private) will be able to meet in the holiday or work day you need. It is especially difficult to do this in New York.

public holidays in the USA
But Americans are not such a simple people. Depending on their origin, various US holidays are celebrated. For example, March 17 is famous for St. Patrick's Day. This day, many residents wear green clothes in honor of the so-called "emerald island", all the noise and on the streets of the city you can watch the real fun. In the US, holidays are varied and each is interesting in its own way. On the eve of the Christian fast, there is the Mardi Gras festival, which in French means "fat Tuesday". This day is considered the last day when you can eat before Lent. On this occasion in New Orleans and Louisiana there are fantastic parades and real fun.
US Holidays
This tradition is typical of the early colonists of France.

However, despite all this diversity of traditionsand the variety of nationalities, there are "real" US holidays, uniting all citizens without regard to skin color, faith and origin. But there is a paradox here too. The USA is a state consisting of fifty states, in each of which holidays are individual for everyone.

What is the US state holidays?

By law, the government introduces holidaysexclusively for civil servants, but, as practice shows, in most states federal holidays of the USA are still celebrated. These include the New Year, Christmas, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veterans' Day and several unusual holidays, such as: "Birthday of the first President of America George Washington", "Martin Luther King Day" and "Columbus Day". Such an interesting people are these Americans. But this is far from all the United States holidays, there are so many of them that you will not mention everything.

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