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Diapers "Pampers": what they are and what they think about them

Long gone are the times when mothers had todisguise their children many times a day, wash the mountains of wet diapers and sliders. Diapers "Pampers" help to prolong walks in the fresh air and quiet sleep. They keep the baby dry and content.

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Use disposable diapers every dayor just for a trip to the polyclinic, trips to visit, each mother decides independently. They are suitable for everyday use and are safe for the baby's skin. About what the "Pampers" are, how to choose them correctly, to use, this article will tell.

Diapers "Pampers": reviews and assortment

In the range of "Pampers" there are three priceclass: economy, classic, premium. The differences between these models are small, while the responses about them are generally positive from the majority of mothers who bought them. They advise at the very beginning of use to buy diapers "Pampers" in small packages. This will allow you to check how much these or other models will suit your kid. To save, in the opinion of experienced moms, it is worth to take large packages in specialized stores, where promotions and discounts are often held.

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To budget models it is possible to carry a series «Sleepand Play. " Economical diapers "Pampers" are made of the same material as the more expensive brethren. But their design is a bit simpler, that is, there are no various belts and inserts for best absorption. They have a simple exterior design without prints and stripes that show that the diaper is soaked. But on the whole, they perform their basic function no worse than the more expensive ones.

Diapers "Pampers" classic fitbuyers who want to get comfortable, quality products with a cheerful pattern and protective layer. These include the models Active Baby, Pants, New Bab. Separately, you can note the second option - it's panty-diapers. They are very conveniently put on, with them the kid can be accustomed to a pot.

"Pampers" premium class, as a rule,designed for newborns. Their design and softness will allow to properly take care of the delicate skin of the youngest children. According to customers, "Premium Papers" do not leak at the expense of their anatomical shape. By the way, if you buy a large pack, then the price for one piece will be lower than the cost of a classic diaper in a small pack.

Diapers "Pampers": tips for using

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Pick the "Pampers" of the correct size. It is determined by the weight of the baby and is indicated on the package. Studies of Russian scientists have shown that "Pampers" are safe for the skin of a child, if properly used. To the skin of the baby is not affected, you need to follow the recommendations. They are easily doable, they are worth remembering:

  1. The temperature in the room should not be above 20-22⁰C.
  2. The diaper should change as it fills. Put on a new "Pampers" if the baby is in it for more than 3 hours.
  3. When you change a diaper, wash the baby or use wet wipes. Then give the baby's skin 15 minutes to breathe. Use a protective cream under the diaper.

Use the Pampers diapers correctly! Let your life become easier, and the baby will sleep peacefully.

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