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Chinchilla golden British - a description of the breed and the features of care

Among British cats an honorable place is taken by a fairly new species - the chinchilla golden British. She attracts attention with her exquisite appearance and noble character.

Breed description

The body of chinchillas differs little from the restspecies of British cats. It has a medium size and a rounded shape with soft outlines. Large eyes of bright emerald color are planted quite widely. Small ears with rounded tips slightly inclined forward. The limbs, like all Britons, are strong, with rounded paws.

Unusual is the color of chinchilla gold,called so for the similarity with the fur of the American rodent. Breeders are very careful to ensure that the fur of cats in the process of breeding does not lose its amazing shade. Their coat of warm golden, amber, honey tones beautifully poured into the light and can not leave anyone indifferent. Each wool is evenly colored and has a gradient - from black to light peach color. As a result, there are no streaks or stains on the woolen cover. The British gold chinchilla has a thick undercoat of warm peach color.

chinchilla golden british


The breed was excavated in the UK,when in the 70s of the last century British breeders decided to cross the Persian and British short-haired cats. The idea was crowned with success - the result of the work done was unusually beautiful animals, possessing luxurious hair and a squat, powerful physique. Soon all the necessary documentation describing the characteristics of the breed was fully approved. In 1980, the first official representative of a British chinchilla named Silver Lambkin was introduced to the public, who later became the champion of many international exhibitions.


British golden chinchilla is a cat with amazingcalm, balanced character. Her aristocratic nature will never allow scratching furniture, wallpaper, annoying the owners with a meow. These are very patient animals, who will wait quietly for them to pay attention. With all members of the family, they easily establish good relationships, including with other domestic pets. The friendly nature of these cats allows them to adapt to children. Even tired of their harassment, the animal just goes into a secluded corner, where no one can disturb him. The fact that a cat can scratch or bite a child, in this case, does not need to worry.

British gold chinchilla

Chinchilla Golden British is differentindependence. The cat does not tolerate encroachments (even on the part of the beloved master) on her freedom. It is not always possible to hold it and hold it. In addition, she is stubborn enough, and if she does not want to do something, she can not be forced to do it. The location of these pets can only be achieved by caress or cunning. Thanks to the independent nature of the cat does not require the constant presence of the owner and are able to entertain themselves, so they can be safely left at home alone. It is an ideal breed for busy people spending most of their time at work. They are clean and very neat, from childhood they know how to behave with dignity. Like all British kittens, the golden chinchilla loves to play, but it's never ugly.

Maintenance and care

Representatives of this breed do not require specialcare. Their beautiful thick wool does not need frequent combing, since it does not roll down. It is enough to walk on it with a special brush twice a week. Bathing a cat using shampoos that improve the condition of the coat, will help to give the silk coat a silk coat, an unusually beautiful and shiny look. Especially this procedure is necessary before participating in the exhibition. Periodically, you need to inspect the ears of the pet and remove the dirt in time with a piece of cotton wool.

British Golden Chinchilla Photo

Chinchilla Golden British greatly values ​​the freedom andpersonal space, so in order for her to live comfortably, it is worth taking care of a special cat's corner. It should have a cozy place for rest and sleep, pads, scratching, all kinds of toys, etc. We must not forget that animals need a daily physical load, which will help provide various outdoor games.

Although this breed is quite stronghealth, sometimes there may be problems with the eyes, skin or respiratory organs. The nose of the animal has a specific structure, which can cause a difficult breathing on a hot day. Due to the special structure of the lacrimal gland, abundant transparent discharge from the eyes is often observed. They are removed with a napkin, wiping the eyelids with a solution of boric acid.


British gold chinchilla, photo and descriptionwhich is presented in this article, no less than any other breed of cats, needs a balanced and varied diet. It is most practical to use ready-made dry feeds of industrial production, the composition of which is very competently selected. When feeding a cat natural food, the main part of the diet should be low-fat meat. To it are added sea fish, by-products, vegetables and cereals, cottage cheese, kefir.

British kittens gold chinchilla

When the owner of all the recommendations for caring for the pet and providing the necessary nutrition to the chinchilla golden British will give him his love and tenderness for many years.

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