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How are birth in cats: Necessary help.

Usually the birth of cats comes on the 63rd day withwhile in some breeds this period is slightly different, for example, Egyptian Mau give birth on the 73rd day, and Siamese - on the 65th day after mating. Thus, the normal gestation period for a cat is 61-70 days. In the vast majority of cases in the litter 3-6 kittens, but sometimes there is a multiple pregnancy - in the litter to 12 kittens.

Many cats, especially primiparous, like whenthe owners are next to them during childbirth. This is for them a high moral support. In addition, the cat may need help and for this it is necessary to prepare the necessary items in advance: cotton threads, vegetable oil, pipette, sterile cotton wool, small sterile scissors, gauze napkins, hemostatic means - hydrogen peroxide or zelenka.

A few days before the birth beginscats, as a rule, they begin to fuss and look for a den. Signs of the appearance of the first bouts in cats: they settle the nest, go around in circles, constantly lie down and get up, go in and out of the nest while mewling. The contractions increase and so they lie on their side, stretching their hind legs. At this time, the body temperature drops, breathing becomes more complicated, the nose and ears become cold. After the first fights within 20-40 minutes, the first kitten appears. Behind him at certain time intervals there are other kittens.

How the first kitten is born.

Between the labia appears amnioticThe bubble from which the liquid leaks out after it has ruptured. This fluid plays the role of lubrication of the birth canal, thereby facilitating the fetal movement outward, and in a few minutes the first kitten appears. Quite often it happens that after the birth of the next kitten the fights are weakened and the cat needs help. How to cause childbirth in a cat after the birth of the third and subsequent kitten. You need to stroke her belly, while gently press it. If the kitten is stuck and can not move forward in the birth canal, then there is no need to lose composure. It is necessary to calm the cat and with the help of a pipette insert a little oil in the vagina in order for the kitten to slip outward. As a rule, the birth in cats lasts on average from 3 to 6 hours, and the interval between the appearance of kittens is 15-30 minutes.

Situations when the veterinarian needs help.

  • The cat had a fracture of the pelvis, previously performed a cesarean section, excessive obesity.
  • For an hour there are violent bouts, but the first kitten never appears.
  • Sudden apathy and weakness with a temperature above 39 degrees.
  • For 10 minutes, bleeding occurs before or after childbirth.
  • For 10 minutes the kitten can not pass the birth canal.
  • At intervals between generic activities for more than three hours necessary emergency veterinary care.

Such birth in cats complications are the mostterrible. In order to prevent them, you must carefully look after the cat and control the temperature of her body. At temperatures above 39 degrees, complications associated with delayed placenta, acute mastitis and metritis may occur. During the 7-10 days after birth, the cat has reddish and green discharge. Sign of infection of the uterus are dark green and brown discharge, which lasts more than 20 days. At the same time, the temperature of the cat's body rises, it is in constant depression.

After the cat has given birth, it is necessary to continuecarefully look after it: it is good to feed, create favorable conditions in the den, monitor its condition. This will help her to grow healthy kittens very much. As a token of their gratitude for their help and support, the cats become even more devoted to their master.

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