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Forage for cats "Pronatyur": distinctive features and assortment

Every owner knows that moustached petsWe need only high-quality food, consisting of natural ingredients and devoid of chemical additives. To such food belongs the food for cats "Pronatyur". It has a well-chosen combination of ingredients. A wide range of products allows you to find food that even the most discriminating kitty will like.


This product contains only natural ingredients. There are no artificial additives that would enhance the taste or aroma.

"Protonary Holistic" - only tasty and usefulFeed containing a large number of vitamins and minerals. Without them, the life and activity of four-legged pets will be inadequate. The manufacturing plant is located in Canada. In this country, the requirements for animal feed are one of the most stringent.

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This food for animals containsa large number of protein components necessary for growth and proper development of cats. The main ingredient of the food is fresh and dried meat. However, the developers of nutrition deliberately did not add components to it from fish and poultry.

Presence in the composition of vegetables enriches foodnatural vitamins and fiber. However, the producers do not add to it the fruits of leguminous plants and corn kernels, because they often cause problems with the digestion of food. There are no cereals here, except for rice, which has undergone special treatment. All animal fats are replaced with vegetable analogs, which have a positive effect on the health of cats.

Forage for cats "Pronatyur" has in its composition the following components:

  • Vegetables and fruits.
  • Spices and herbs.
  • Seafood.
  • Seaweed.
  • Vegetable oils.

This combination is optimal in terms of nutrition and utility for animals.

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Advantages and disadvantages

The presented cat food "Pronatyur" can not be attributed to an ideal solution suitable for all breeds at any age and in any situations. The weighty advantages of it are the following:

  • Fresh natural ingredients that have a positive effect on the health of the pet.
  • Vegetable oils, which are sources of fats and a large number of minerals.
  • Cats recognize this food is very tasty, happily eating it.
  • The minimum percentage of carbohydrates in the feed is the prevention of obesity in domestic animals.
  • Balanced vitamin and mineral composition.
  • Food for cats "Pronatyur" does not contain soy, dyes, preservatives and other harmful components.

Do not lose sight of the existing negative points:

  • Expensiveness. Not all potential buyers can afford to buy pet for their pet at such a high price.
  • Cellulose dust is able in some animals to cause allergic reactions, but this is rare.
  • The ash in the composition does not fit every cat.

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We will find out what kinds of feed "Protonar" the producer offers.


For domestic cats of all ages, there aredifferent rations, corresponding to the number of lived years and physical activity. Below is given a brief description of the food "Pronatyur", reviews about which are the best:

  • Chicken and sweet potatoes. Designed for the smallest cats that have not yet turned a year old.
  • Duck with orange. Designed for maturing animals. Allows the pet to stay full longer.
  • Turkey with cranberries. Another option, suitable for adult cats. It can be successfully alternated with the previous food.
  • Atlantic salmon with brown rice. Fresh fish, part of the composition, will certainly enjoy the mustachioed pet.
  • Oceanic white fish with wild rice. Designed for cats and cats, which are already more than ten years old. A special compound is adapted for animals that have become less moving.

Cats are pleased to be satisfied with this food.

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