/ What holidays in April are permanent?

What holidays in April are permanent?

There are so many holidays in the calendar thatThey are not official and are marked by a certain circle of people. This article describes what holidays are in April. Perhaps you did not even know about some.

Now briefly about each holiday.

On April 1st, everyone knows - Fool's Day (Laughter).

On this day it is accepted to joke and make fun of,arrange funny surprises. The first of April is considered to be a frivolous day. In calendars do not designate this date as a holiday, however it is celebrated by everyone: both children and adults.

Also on the first day there is another holiday, practically nobody knows about it. This is the International Bird Day.

This holiday is associated with the protection of birds that are on the brink of extinction.

On April 2, two holidays are celebrated. Belarus and Russia celebrate the "Day of Unity of their People", and the same day the whole world - "Book Festival for Children".

The event, which is connected with the children's publishing house, is celebrated on the birthday of the writer and fairy tale G.Kh. Andersen.

The day of unity began to be celebrated from the moment when the two presidents signed a document on the creation of the Community, which includes Russia and Belarus.

On the 3rd of April an interesting holiday is celebrated - Circus Day. Many circus troupes organize performances for orphanages and boarding schools on this day.

On April 6 investigative bodies celebrate their professional holiday.

"World Day of a Healthy Man" and "Daythe birth of the Russian Internet "- these holidays are celebrated on the seventh day in April. In 1994 (on this day) for the first time was recorded. .ru in the international database as a domain.

It is customary to hold a health day on April 7, because in 1948 (April 7) a statute was signed on the establishment of the World Health Organization.

Employees of military commissariats celebrate a holiday associated with the profession, together with the air defense forces on April 8.

All cosmonauts have an occasion to celebrateApril 12 - "Day of Aviation and Cosmonautics." For the first time, a spacecraft was launched into space. This event took place on the twelfth of April, 1961. On board this ship was now known all over the world, Yuri Gagarin.

"Day of experts on electronic warfare" is celebrated on the fifteenth of April.

Still there are other holidays in April.

On the eighteenth - the Holiday of the Protection of Historic Sites and Monuments.

Few people know, but there are holidays in April,which are associated with authorship and books. The twenty-third is marked by another book day, as well as the day of copyright. He began to celebrate since 1996.

Youth of the world celebrates Youth Daysolidarity on the twenty-fourth of April. And the twenty-sixth of the whole world celebrates a holiday dedicated to intellectual property. On this day, also pay tribute to the memory of those killed in radiation accidents and disasters that happened in Russia.

On April 28, the world society celebrates a holiday dedicated to the protection of labor. He began to celebrate in two thousand and one.

The twenty-ninth celebrates such events as the twinning of cities around the world and the Day of Dances.

On the 30th of April, the fire department celebrates its professional holiday.

In addition to the events listed above, there are also church holidays in April. The constant celebration of the church is the Annunciation. This event is celebrated on the 7th of April.

Other holidays in April are non-permanent, that is, they may fall on other numbers or other months.

In the first weekend of April, the World Geologist holiday is celebrated.

This holiday is dedicated to people who study unique finds (minerals), as well as various properties of the earth's interior.

Now you know what holidays there are in April.

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