/ What should be the prophylaxis of worms in a child?

What should be the prophylaxis of worms in a child?

Prevention of worms in a child, according tospecialists, is the most important task on the part of parents. It is for this purpose today that it is so important to know the basic methods that doctors offer. In this article, we will talk in more detail about this issue.

prophylaxis of worms in a child
Prevention of worm infants in the child: hygiene measures

  • Hand washing. Perhaps this is one of the most effective methods. It should be noted that it is not just necessary to teach children to wash their hands properly from a small age, but also to not forget about it by adults themselves. The thing is that often it is from them that a child can become infected.
  • Food. Of course, all vegetables and fruits should be thoroughly washed. Special attention should be paid to garden strawberries and strawberries. The thing is that these berries grow very close to the ground, they are often fertilized with manure. Moreover, in their structure there is a large number of hairs, which directly and contribute to the retention of the eggs of the worms themselves. Also, meat and fish must be heat-treated to their full potential.
  • Water. In no case should the child be allowed to drink tap water or bathing in water.
  • Prevention of worms in a child affects the issue of contact with animals. AT
    prevention of worms in children mosquito
    in general, experts do not recommend letting the childTouch the street dogs or animals in the zoo. However, if this circumstance exists, when you come home, wash your hands thoroughly under running water with disinfectants.
  • At home. Preventive maintenance of worms in the child concerns and home behavior. So, children should not be allowed to play with street shoes or in the toilet. Parents, in turn, must without fail carry out general cleaning using special disinfectants. In addition, after a certain period of time, it is necessary to wash / wash toys.

prevention of worm infants in children
Prevention of worm infants in children. Medications

Of course, you can not do without the help of medicinespreparations. Specialists recommend taking antihelminthic pills only as prescribed by the doctor. In addition, to ensure their effectiveness, it is better to use the tools of well-known and proven pharmaceutical companies. To date, the most popular in this area is the drug "Helmintox." It is effective against the most common worms (ascarids, pinworms). Moreover, this drug has undergone a variety of clinical studies and has proven itself exclusively on the positive side. It is noteworthy that the preparation "Helmintox" must be taken only once and without the use of any additional means (enemas, laxatives, etc.). This is a good prevention of worms in children. Komarovsky (a well-known doctor) recommends taking this drug for babies starting from the age of six months.


In this article we have considered only a fewpreventive measures. In fact, there are a few more. To select a method, it is recommended that you consult your doctor in advance. Be healthy!

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