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One-time Childbirth Allowance and Other State Assistance to Parents

Future mothers know that the statewill support them in the upbringing of the child, providing childcare allowance and childbirth allowance. However, about which benefits and payments they rely on, many mothers have only a vague idea. Also, few know how much individual benefits are paid, because the numbers are constantly changing. In particular Art. 10 of the Law of December 13, 2010, No. 357 FZ "On the Federal Budget for 2011" changed rates, setting the index at 1.065.

All types of assistance provided by the stateparents can be divided into benefits that are paid to parents at a certain stage of the mother's pregnancy, after childbirth and during the first life of the child.

Pregnancy benefits

· One-time benefit

Provided to women registered in the earlythe timing of their pregnancy. Only women who are employed, students or employees can count on such benefits. Since January 1, 2011, its amount is 438 rubles 87 kopecks.

· Maternity Benefit

This benefit is paid as a total amount forholiday period of 140 calendar days. Since January 1, 2011, the allowance for women who are subject to compulsory social insurance is the amount of average earnings in the last two years.

Unemployed women receive this benefit in the amount of 412 rubles 8 kopecks per month (as of January 1, 2011).

Maternity benefits

· One-time childbirth allowance

Since January 2011, its size is 11,703 rubles 13 kopecks.

In the event that the mother or father is employed, the allowance will be given at the place of work. In the accounting department will need to provide a package of documents.

If both parents are on the date of birth of the child, they are considered unemployed, then a one-time childbirth allowance is paid to the NRSE when the relevant documents are presented.

· Maternal capital

The right to it is confirmed by the state certificate. Since January 2011, the amount of capital is 365,700 rubles, of which 12,000 rubles can be obtained immediately and spent for any needs.

This capital is provided at the birth (adoption) of the second and subsequent children since 2007.

· Additional city payments in Moscow.

· Additional payments in the regions of the Russian Federation.

Allowance for childcare

It is paid as an aid tomaintenance of parents in the first time after childbirth. Payments for the care of a child before reaching the age of one and a half years have been established since the beginning of 2011 in the amounts correspondingly: for the care of the first child - 2194.33 rubles, for the second and subsequent - 4388, 67 rubles.


Of all state benefits and payments, a lump sum allowance for the birth of a child is the most universal, because the payment does not depend on whether the mother is employed or unemployed. This benefit is guaranteed for all children in the amount and order established by the state.

The allowance is assigned according to Articles 4.2. m 12 of Law No. 81-FZ of May 19, 1995 "On State Benefits for Citizens with Children".

Get such a benefit can not only the mother of the child, but his father, as well as a person who replaces the parents. For one child, the allowance can be obtained only once.

The right to receive this benefit istime-limited. The application must be submitted within six months after the birth of the child. Issue benefits are required within ten days from the date of acceptance of the application and package of documents.

List of documents required to receive a lump sum payment for the birth of a child:

- signed statement;

- certificate form No. 24 from the Registry Office for the birth of a child;

- a certificate from the place of work, as well as the social protection authorities, that the second spouse did not receive the allowance;

- a copy of the document that certifies the identity, an extract from the work record or other document from the last place of work.

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