/ How to cut a baby? A few tips

How to cut a baby? A few tips

It has long been believed that the first hairsthe child must be sheared to zero. Allegedly only after that they begin to grow thick. Scientifically, this opinion is not proven, but the question of how to cut the baby, all parents are asked. There are several tips that help to carry out the procedure without a hitch.

how to cut a baby

Everything, like Daddy, only longer

Children aged 6 months areimitate parents in everything. Mom laughs - my son is smiling. Dad frowns - daughter also collects the crooks on the bridge of the nose. Therefore, to the issue of haircuts, too, it is necessary to connect an example for imitation. In this particular case, the Pope. Why him? Because it can be cut with a machine, but my mother is unlikely. Quiveringly the ladies treat their hair. Before you cut your baby, call him or sit him in front of your dad. Turn on the machine and monitor the reaction of the child. If he is not afraid, did not flinch and generally reacted phlegmatically to her, proceed to the second stage. Slowly remove the daddy's hair from the top of the head. Discard so that they do not reach the child. The pope is given the role of a smiling mannequin.

how to cut a kid with a typewriter

Already after, you can proceed to the hairs of the child. The very first hair is thin, like a fluff. If they are branches more than five centimeters, it is better to remove them first with scissors. Before you cut your child, prepare sharp scissors, but with rounded ends. Hairs cut off from the bottom, gradually rising higher. If the child suddenly vzbryknet and refuses the procedure, do not insist. Your persistence eventually leads to stoic dislike for haircuts. Set aside until the evening or the next day.

If everything goes like clockwork, then after the scissorsTime comes and cars. Only it is possible to completely remove all hair to zero, if you so conceived. How to cut a baby car smoothly? You need to start all the same way from the back of the head, rising up, evenly from all sides. Very neat. Do not need to scrape the skin, even if the machine and with a nozzle. She can hurt a child. The process takes a long time for the first time. After the children are usually calmly treat the procedure, only sometimes capricious. Be patient and cut to the end.

how to cut a baby at home

Girls-singers and boys-bunnies

Girls are rarely trimmed under the typewriter. More often it's a neat haircut with a bang or without it. Kindergarten boys are also rarely shaved to zero. How to cut a kid at home with scissors on his own, and even exactly? You will need a well sharpened scissors (fine if they are professional) and a thin comb. First, the parting is done - even, without zigzags. Then the bangs are cut. Hair can be sprinkled with water, if they are electrified and attracted to the hairbrush. After the bang, proceed to the tips. Here shear, as a soul will lie down. Just remember that the child still has to walk with such a haircut. Creative is not particularly appropriate at the age of up to 10 years. Even then you can make fashionable and unusual haircuts.

Before you cut your baby, you need to dialpatience. Sometimes children simply indulge, turn their heads and absolutely do not want to sit still. Engage them. Turn at least cartoons for a couple of minutes. Beautiful haircuts to you!

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