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Harmony of life - a highchair for feeding Chicco Polly

Sometimes you will be surprised, why the Creator did not createa woman with six hands. To everything was in time. Home, work, husband - everything should be kept well, everything should be in order. And if you have a small child in your arms? It's for sure about the third pair of hands will think. To have something to keep-cradling the baby while the dinner is brewed, the laundry is ironed, the husband is feeding ...

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Stop! The husband will eat himself. A child needs a feed. And that it was convenient to feed it, and it was easier for Mom to cook dinner for her husband, whom, joyfully, she would not need to feed from a spoon, there is a Chicco Polly highchair. In addition to the fact that these stools are executed impeccably in terms of quality and usability, they are very diverse. They are designed for use by young citizens of the planet the most tender age, when the presence of a number of mothers is not only desirable, but even necessary. Manufacturers of Chicco Polly have provided, it seems, everything. And this is not surprising. Manufacturers of Chicco Polly can be called a variety of people. These are the immediate developers of this children's furniture, and pediatricians are experts in the field of furniture ergonomics for young citizens of the planet. And even simple mothers had the opportunity to express their wishes. Therefore, the Chicco Polly feeding chair is so convenient and universally useful.

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With the example of one of the latest developments,See how the chairs of this brand are universal and useful. Not so long ago in stores and apartments appeared a highchair for feeding Chicco Polly Magic, the very name of which speaks about the possibility of a miracle. And this is really a miracle, because this highchair-chair combines the following possibilities:

- it can be used as a chaise longue for crumbs from birth to half a year;

is a highchair for feeding children from six months to a year;

- children from one to three years can use it as an ordinary high chair, pushing it to the "adult" table, and participate, along with the rest of the family, in a joint meal.

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The fact that Chicco Polly Magic - transformer "three inone does not exhaust its remarkable properties.This chair is designed so that it will always fit a child of the appropriate age and will always be convenient for him.For the smallest, the Magic chair will provide the comfort of lying, since it has a unique liner of breathable material - so soft and comfortable that the baby will sleep comfortably in it next to his mother while she is busy with household chores, as well as when he becomes more mature and will sit. And then, when it is already quite large and can there is a common table.

Chicco chairs are amazing, uniquely safefor babies. Because they have an excellent seat belt. It can be regulated by the growth and age of the child. A reliable castle does not leave a chance to fall out even a little one who has fallen asleep at the table. Meanwhile, to play, draw and eat these straps will not interfere. Of course, the Chicco Polly feeding chair can be used not only for feeding, but also for playing board games, drawing, modeling and other useful things for small motor skills. Because it is equipped with a wonderful removable tray, suitable, except for its direct purpose, also for this.

By the way, do you know why the Creator did not create a woman with three pairs of hands? Because it's ugly. And beautiful is when harmony is in everything. Chair for feeding Chicco - a bright example.

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