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How to draw a rhinoceros in stages

Drawing for a small child is not easya pleasant pastime, but a real field for the creativity and development of his imagination. This fascinating process allows the kid to discover new lines, colors, to learn to see objects not only from the outside world, but also to imagine them in his imagination. Not only do motor skills and the child's imagination develop, but a stronger bond is established in the joint drawing - be it a parent, brother, sister or any close person. Learning to paint is not easy, but very useful.

How to draw a rhinoceros in pencil step by step for children

Why do I need to draw to my child?

Creative activity, what kind of character it iswould have a positive effect on the development of any child. And drawing is a treasure among the arts. Why is it necessary for the child and how does it affect him? Consider the following:

  1. This development of sensory coordination, fine motor skills. There is a process of improving the brain in natural conditions and in an interesting form for the child.
  2. The kid learns the surrounding world, objects and objects through a very simple but effective way.
  3. The ability to distinguish colors, to notice beauty in the ordinary, to distinguish lines and figures develops.
  4. Fancy is enriched, the story of what a little child is drawing is coming up.
  5. The ability to concentrate attention, concentrate.
  6. It has been scientifically proven that the child's speech develops when drawing together, as the form, the size of the subject, the events taking place in the picture are discussed. And this encourages the child to speak out.

How to draw a rhinoceros

Children are very fond of drawing animals. But not all adults have good abilities to reproduce objects, animals and other objects. Therefore, the question arises: "How to draw a rhinoceros, if the child asked you about it?"

how to draw a rhinoceros in stages

Today we will look at how to draw a rhinocerosAfrican and Indian. They differ from each other in that the representative of the African savanna has a smooth surface of the skin, and its Indian counterpart is covered with thyroid plates. On this difference ends.

how to draw a rhinoceros in stages

For information: rhinoceroses are dangerous animals, they have a large horn reaching 1.5 meters in length, and the trunk reaches 3 meters.

Drawing an African rhino

How to draw a rhinoceros in pencil in stages:

  1. We make a sketch of the torso with a pencil. It's big and long enough. Draw a bend of the back, a drooping stomach, withers, like a horse. But do not forget about the elongated horn.
  2. We trace the contours of the animal with a felt-tip pen.
  3. It is advisable to draw a rhino in motion. So the picture will look the most dynamic.
  4. The legs should be marked with thick and short, ending hoofs. If the animal moves, it is worth emphasizing the bends of the legs.
  5. Add bends on the skin of the back and between the shoulder blades, because this is a large and fat animal.
  6. The tail should look like a cow's.
  7. Ears are medium, neat.
  8. Behind the big horn is a small horn.

how to draw a rhinoceros in pencil step by step for children

Drawing an Indian rhinoceros

How to draw a rhinoceros in pencil step by step for children, consider below:

  1. The Indian individual is larger in size. Similarity is with a well-fed pig.
  2. The body is covered with thyroid plates, so the animal will remind us of a knight in armor.
  3. The back is not as bent as an African rhinoceros, and the trunk is shorter.
  4. When drawing the lower limbs, do not forget to depict shields on them.
  5. The head is small, and the big horn is much smaller than that of the African tribe.
  6. We add creases on the back, between the shoulder blades, on the neck.
  7. Finish drawing with small ears and eyes.

How to draw a rhinoceros

We examined the basic principles of how to draw a rhinoceros. Draw with your child and get a lot of positive emotions!

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