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The toilet for the cat is closed. Unpleasant smells as did not happen!

As soon as a fluffy pet appears in the house,it is necessary to think about the cat's toilet. Cats are clean and quickly get used to a certain subject, so the latrine for them should be kept clean and comfortable.


toilet for cat closed
There is a toilet for a cat closed and open type, of different depth, sizes and shapes (rectangular, angular, oval).

The design of an open type (tray) is itselfcommon. It is convenient and usually like animals. When choosing, you need to pay attention to the spaciousness of the model, so that the cat could fit entirely and make your affairs "without a miss."

The depth of the product is also of great importance: The high beads serve as an obstacle to spreading the trough filler. The genetic feature of felines is to dig in their excrement. If the filler is small, the animal will soil the floors, walls.

It is best to use the toilet for the cat closed, not open. It has significant advantages:

  • provides psychological comfort to the pet, since the latter is invisible to others;
  • does not allow spreading the filler out;
  • does not allow to miss the cat past the tray;
  • relieves of an unpleasant specific smell;
  • solves the aesthetic side of the question, hiding the contents of the design from the views of others.

indoor toilet for large cats
However, along with the pluses, a large closed toiletfor cats has some drawbacks. For example, high sides and a door, high located, are not suitable for small kittens: it is inconvenient for them to climb inside. But it's easy to fix it by buying a small tray for the baby. When he grows up to adolescence, it is recommended to buy a closed toilet for large cats and cats.


Designer thought does not stand still, but constantlyprogresses. This applies even to simple designs for pets. For example, specifically for owners Barsikov and Murok, who for a number of reasons are late at work and can not remove the pet's seat in time, bio-toilets and accessories for them have been developed.

large indoor toilet for cats

Bio - the same toilet for the cat closed, onlymore refined. It has several additional functions to ensure the maximum purity of the animal after going to the toilet and the purity of the structure itself: a carbon filter, absorbent napkins, foot bridges. Some models provide for automatic cleaning of excrement and filling with a new filler. Modern designs are made in such a way that they can function in normal mode without human intervention for a long time.


A latrine requires a filler. It is believed that the sand and pieces of the newspaper are the most natural material for the filler. But the sand and wet paper, adhered to the paws of the animal, the pet will carry all over the apartment or house. The best filler is special, which has good absorbent properties and completely removes the smell. By the way, it also serves for a long time, therefore it is best to fill in the closet and open closets for the cat special fillers. Then your pussy will always have clean paws, and in the toilet - cleanliness and order.

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