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What to be afraid if children have stomachaches in the navel

Most often, "ambulance" to children is caused by tworeasons - when the heat and when the children have a stomach ache in the navel. Sometimes complaints coincide. And this is not surprising. Many acute intestinal infections, inflammatory diseases, situations requiring surgical intervention, proceed with a temperature reaction. Even in those cases when the temperature is normal, abdominal pain can indicate serious problems in the body.

children have abdominal pain in the navel

If parents notice that the child hurtsstomach, or he himself complained about this, then the painkillers are forbidden to give self-categorically. The baby should be laid, to measure the temperature, and if nothing has changed in 30 minutes - call an ambulance.

In what cases does the abdomen hurt in the umbilical region?

Children have a stomach ache in the navel when:

  • accumulation of gases;
  • hernia;
  • the presence of helminthic invasion of various etiologies;
  • intestinal colic, associated with inflammation of various parts of the intestine;
  • appendicitis;
  • gastritis;
  • pancreatitis;
  • inflammation of the kidneys;
  • tension state of the nervous system and many other diseases.

For example, in boys this phenomenon can be associated with the development of inguinal hernia. In the case of pneumonia, the stomach in the navel often hurts in children.

Behavior of children with abdominal pain

child has 5 years old stomachache

Are parents who are not reinsuredmethodically bypass specialists, and want to clearly know why there is pain? In fact sometimes she passes or takes place in an hour-one and a half, even if periodically comes back?

Those parents who want to figure out what caused the situation are absolutely right.

How can you understand that in very young children the stomach hurts?

The infant writhes in the literal sense, arches, cries, it can cause vomiting, sometimes you feel at hand how taut the tummy is.

The child complains himself, his stomach hurts (3 years or slightly older), pointing his finger at the navel area. More precisely, where the painful focus, and what kind of pain - sharp or dull - it can not yet.

By the way, the nature of pain suggests what it iscan be connected. Aching, dull - most likely a chronic disease. Acute, cutting, sudden - such seizures sometimes cause acute inflammation, those diseases that can only be eliminated by surgery, and colic.

If the child is 5 years old, his stomach hurts, then whereas, he can already say in words. But sometimes children of this age hide their feelings, because they are afraid to be in the hospital. And they admit, when the pain can not be sustained.

Parents should be attentive to children, especially those who have chronic diseases associated with inflammation of the digestive tract.

the child hurts a stomach or belly 3 years

Even if the kids do not talk about theiryou can understand that something disturbs them, you can by changing behavior, perhaps, whims or oppressed state, refusal of food and the desire not to lie down in time, curled up.

That the stomach was not sick!

If the cause of the pain near the navel is identified, tests and surgical interventions are performed - fortunately - it is not required, then the parents should direct all forces to prevent a repetition of the situation.

  • Carefully to ensure that the intestines of children are emptied regularly, there was no diarrhea, no constipation.
  • Exclude the possibility of hypothermia and the occurrence of infections associated with the ureters and bladder.
  • Check the child for worms.
  • Adjust the food, try to arrange it. If possible, exclude from the diet "harmful products", so beloved by most children - chips, carbonated drinks and the like.
  • To focus on the freshness of dishes and the time of their storage in the refrigerator.

In the case when children have stomachaches in the regionnavel in stressful for them or uncomfortable situations, try to avoid them. If this is not possible, it is desirable that a child psychologist work out with the kids and prepare them for the difficulties of life.

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