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The famous drug "Pimafucin". Instruction and application

The drug "Pimafucin" is a broad antibioticspectrum of action, belonging to the group of antifungal polyene macrolides. The drug is fungicidal. Active substance - natamycin, the action of which is based on the binding of membrane sterols of fungal cells, the violation of their working function and the integrity of the shell. Before you buy the drug and start using it, we strongly recommend that you consult with a specialist doctor and receive appropriate recommendations when using the drug "Pimafucin". Analogs of this drug have a similar effect.

pimafucin instruction

Candida albicans bacteria are most sensitive to the drug, as well as most of the pathogenic yeast fungi. Resistance to the drug in medical practice was not met.

Description of the properties of the drug "Pimafucin" (tablets)

The drug does not have systemic effects, as in the stomach almost no absorption of natamycin. Natamycin, applied to the skin and mucous membranes, is also not subject to systemic absorption.

Imafucine tablets

Indications for use of the "Pimafucin", instructions

- for tableted form: treatment, as well as as a preventive agent for candidiasis of the intestine of a non-invasive form. It is recommended that the drug be administered after use of corticosteroids, antibiotics or cytostatics;

- for cream, ointment: fungal infection of mucous membranes, nails and skin;

- for vaginal suppositories: vulvitis caused by candidiasis, vaginitis, vulvovaginitis.

Forms of issue:

- Vaginal suppositories (100 mg);

- tablets in the shell (100 mg);

-2% creams, ointments (used externally).

The preparation "Pimafucin": instructions and scheme of use

When candidiasis of the intestine:

- adults - one tablet four times a day for a week;

- Children - twice a day for one tablet.

With dermatomycosis lesions - treat the surface up to four times a day.

In mycosis of the auditory external passage, it must first be cleaned before direct application of the cream, and then - put a swab of natural materials (cotton or wool) there.

With vulvovaginitis (vaginitis), vulvitisUse candles from 3 to 6 days in a row, injecting them deep into the vagina at night. In case of severe disease, parallel taking of tablets for a period of 10 to 20 days is shown. This will help eliminate Candida in the intestines. Simultaneously, it is necessary to use a cream to treat the partner's genital organs affected by candidiasis.

pimafucin analogues

Duration of admission is determined in individualorder. After the symptoms of the disease have passed, it is necessary to continue treatment with the drug for several more days. It is necessary to study the features of the drug "Pimafucin". Instructions for use should be with you before you start using it.

During treatment, the following side effects may occur:

- burning sensations (from cream, candles);

- nausea;

- surface irritation;

- Diarrhea (appears at the beginning of taking pills and then quickly passes).

Contraindications for taking the drug "Pimafucin" instruction lists the following: strong sensitivity to the components of the medication.

You can apply the product to pregnant and lactating mothers. There are no statistics of adverse effects on the fetus.

Some features of the use of the drug "Pimafucin" (instruction):

- you can not use suppositories during menstruation;

- during the treatment it is not necessary to limit sexual contacts, but barrier contraceptives should be used;

- prescription of the drug to the newborn;

- the ability to drive and control mechanisms does not affect the tool.

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