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Choose a new pillow. Which pillows are better?

A pillow is such a necessary thing to sleep thatdo without it is difficult. This is a special subject, because to feel comfortable, everyone chooses it in accordance with their individual preferences. The physiological structure of the body, the beloved posture during sleep, as well as the degree of softness, size, etc., are important here. In a word, the pillow helps us to get a good sleep, improves the quality of sleep and provides a full rest. Look at your pillow. Maybe it's time to change it? Then you will face a difficult question - which pillow is the best? You can answer it by carefully studying the modern and such diverse assortment of this product on the shelves of stores.

So, first of all pillows differ in formand the composition of the filler. This, perhaps, is their main and most important characteristic. From the filler, by the way, depends on the degree of their stiffness or softness, as well as allergenicity or hypoallergenicity and possible therapeutic properties. Fillers come from natural or artificial materials. And there are many of those and others. The first include fillers from feather-down, wool and vegetable raw materials, and to the second - holofayber, sintepon and silicone. Which pillows are better with natural or synthetic filler?

Downy feather filler is a classicThe kind that has long been used in the manufacture of pillows. Use feather-down feathers of geese and ducks for its splendor, elasticity, density, hygroscopicity and softness. The higher the content of fluff in relation to feather, the softer, better and, accordingly, the pillow will be more expensive. Goose down feather is thicker, larger than duck, this pillow lasts longer, but it is more expensive.

The most expensive is a filler made of eiderfeather-feather. The high share of manual labor in the production of this filler makes such goods practically piece, which affects the price of the pillow, but also, respectively, on its quality.

Pillows feather-down - soft, fluffy, servelong. After 5-6 years, they must be cleaned, where the filler is restored, cleaned and dried. Restoration of pillows will extend their service life for several more years.

Sheep or camel wool. This filler, in addition to softness, fluffiness, hygroscopicity, has also a curative effect. Lanolin, which is contained in animal hair, has a beneficial effect on the human body. Healing is also heat, which keeps the woolen filler long. Such pillows are recommended for patients with arthrosis, cervical radiculitis, osteochondrosis. Pillows made of wool quickly lose their elasticity and shape. Therefore often filler is combined, combining wool with sintepon. Such pillows belong to the average price category, they are cheaper than down-feathers, but their service life is much less.

To the shortcomings of down-feather and woolenfiller is a relatively high price and the ability to cause allergies. Therefore, it is not recommended to sleep on them with hypersensitive people. Which pill is best for allergy sufferers? These pillows are filled with natural vegetable fibers, or synthetic.

Natural vegetable fillers include bamboo or soy fiber, natural silk, as well as buckwheat or rice husks.

Bamboo or soy filler - know-how 21century. These are remarkable for their characteristics of materials that have curative, antibacterial properties. They are very soft, hygroscopic, well retain heat and do not cause allergies. In a word, they perfectly combine the properties of natural and artificial fillers. Such pillows are referred to the middle price segment.

Another very popular filler -natural silk fiber. These pillows are soft and elastic, perfectly hold the shape. Silk is moisture and vapor tight, does not slip and retains all its properties for a long time.

Pillows of rice or buckwheat husks possessmedicinal properties. They help to relax, the unusual filler completely takes the form of the head and massages the skin. True, the husks produce a characteristic rustle, and the life of such pillows is short - about 2 years.

Which pillows are best with artificial ornatural filler? As for pillows with artificial filler, here, in the first place, it is necessary to distinguish products with holofayberom, completely replacing the properties of fluff and feather. The positive characteristics of these pillows include hypoallergenic, low price, the possibility of washing at home. They are perfect for those who prefer elastic hard forms for sleep.

Another novelty - a cushion with viscoelasticpolyurethane foam. This material is for fans of experiments and everything new. He has a memory of form. When heated from the human body, the filler softens and envelops the head, taking its shape. After cooling down, the pillow acquires a pristine appearance.

Finally, the silicone filler that consistsfrom small balls rolling on hand inside the pillow. It is considered very high quality and like any synthetic filler has hypoallergenic properties. However, it can accumulate static electricity.

Which filler for a pillow is more difficultto tell. Everyone has both characteristic advantages and disadvantages. If it talks about price, synthetic fillers are cheaper than natural fillers, but they are less durable. Fans of everything new and modern can recommend the newest types of fillers, and for more conservative people, adhere to traditional classics. In any case, which pillows are best for each person for himself.

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