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Daylight lamp: advantages and features of use

If you decide to save on lighting the room,then thrifty light bulbs just for you. They can be used both at home and in offices. Particularly popular is a fluorescent lamp. He has quite a lot of advantages.

fluorescent lamp
Advantages of the device

First of all, it should be noted:

- reduced power consumption;

- bright rays, helping to make the room very light;

- long service life;

- a modern daylight does not flicker;

- the product is fireproof;

- The device can be installed on a wall, table or hung on the ceiling;

- a variety of shades.

In addition, you can choose a lamp of any shape. However, one should not forget about the shortcomings of such lamps.


We list the main:

- poor-quality products can quickly burn;

- A starter is required to start the luminaire;

- at a low air temperature, such a lamp works dimly enough;

- during the activation of such a lamp, the eyes may react painfully to a bright beam.

wall mounted fluorescent lamps
It is advisable that the lamp shown is covered with a plafond. This will help eliminate the last drawback.


The fluorescent lamp may have differentpower (from 25 to 100 watts). For everyday household use it is not necessary. However, if you work at home with documents, like handicrafts or just not enough natural light, the lamp will be irreplaceable.

It should be noted that daylight lampsceiling, the price of which is 10 dollars or more, are very often used in office, medical, industrial establishments. In addition, they are extremely effective in small rooms without windows (pantry). Also assembled products in those rooms where there is very little natural light.

fluorescent lights ceiling price
Presented lamps are considered cheap, whilevery effective. It should be noted that such lamps contain a minimum amount of mercury, so after use they can not simply be thrown into the garbage.

The fluorescent lamp fits perfectly intointerior, wherever it is located. In addition, it can advantageously emphasize the dignity of the room. It must also be said that modern models of luminaires have been significantly refined and do not have those significant drawbacks that products "from the past." The advantage of daylight is that you can connect them yourself. For this you do not need special tools.

A very interesting option is the fixturesDaylight Wall. They are very effective and able to decorate the interior. For example, louvers can be installed on the lamps. If such a construction is hung on a wall, a window will be created in the room. Naturally, you can simply attach a few lamps enclosed in a plastic translucent casing.

Whichever option you choose, the presented fixtures will long serve you effectively. Therefore, the popularity of such lamps in the world is growing every day.

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