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Ozone therapy in pregnancy: reviews

To ensure the best livelihoodsa person who primarily depends on the state of his health, using a huge variety of therapeutic and preventive techniques. The modern man gives more and more preference to natural and natural methods. Especially if it is not about treatment, but about the prevention and prevention of the occurrence of diseases, as well as general recovery of the body.

Oxygen is life

One of the rather popular non-medicinaloptions for healing the entire human body, as well as a proven and effective way of treating many diseases, including chronic ones, is ozone therapy. The essence of it is to use a mixture of oxygen and ozone in a certain proportion to saturate the tissues of certain organs. Entering the blood and saturating the organs with oxygen, a physiological solution saturated with ozone helps to avoid drug intervention, improve the body, make it more resistant to a variety of colds and viral diseases. He also provides a quick recovery and almost completely eliminates the possible complications after the illness.

ozonotherapy in pregnancy

It is known that for excellent health andnormal life, a person needs 21% oxygen in the atmosphere. However, in large metropolitan areas and industrial centers this percentage is much lower. Of course, people get used to breathe air, saturated exhaust gases and poisonous emissions from improperly recycled residues and production wastes, but on his health this unambiguously affects very negatively. For comparison: in an average city (approximately 1,000,000-2,000,000 people), in which two or three factories or one large plant are active, oxygen retention is not more than 16%, provided that there are enough plants in the city.

ozonotherapy for pregnancy reviews

In addition to reducing the life expectancy, there is a general violation of health status, as well as chronic diseases, which are sometimes even inherited.

Pregnancy is time to take care not only of yourself

Most of all for a state of health experiencegirls who are expecting the birth of a child. This care is completely justified, because the future mother is responsible not only for herself, but for the crumbs. From the very first day, when the pleasant news that the birth of a new life has come about, the woman begins to take vitamins and tries to lead a healthy lifestyle that is maximally allowed in the surrounding conditions of her living. However, often these techniques are unsuccessful.

Try it, you will help

Ozone therapy proved to be very goodduring pregnancy. After the diagnosis and determination of organs needing to recover due to saturation with oxygen and ozone, as well as to prevent the development of the fetus after the woman's stress, somatic and infectious diseases, after taking medication, especially in the early stages of pregnancy, the course and regularity of the procedure.

ozonotherapy for pregnancy reviews

Ozone therapy during pregnancy isthe introduction of a woman, most often intravenously, a physiological solution saturated with ozone. In general, for this use of droppers, but there are cases when the solution is administered subcutaneously, for example, for pain relief of the joints or lumbar spine.

be careful

It should be noted that any, even the most, at firsta sight that is harmless and has absolutely no contraindications for improper use and use can have a negative impact on the body, especially for girls in an interesting situation. Therefore, ozone therapy during pregnancy is carried out only after the examination and appointment of the attending physician.

Most often, if it is not about treatment, but aboutgeneral improvement in the state of health or on getting rid of minor problems such as insomnia, fatigue, irritability, the standard form of this procedure is applied. It takes place on the twentieth and thirtieth weeks of pregnancy by a course of five intravenous drippers. If it is a violation of the fetus or the need to treat a woman, the course in each case is individual and is prescribed only after consulting with an obstetrician and an ozone therapist.

Indications for conduction

Ozone therapy in pregnancy is prescribed, if necessary:

  • General strengthening of the body, prevention of cold and somatic diseases.
  • Treatment or reduction of obvious signs of gestosis.
  • Fixation of the embryo in the uterine cavity with the threat of termination of pregnancy;
  • Treatment of the fetus when intrauterine infection occurs.
  • In complex treatment for infectious diseases.
  • Improvement of labor activity.
  • Increase lactation and accelerate the recovery of the body after childbirth.
    ozonotherapy intravenously during pregnancy reviews

Basic Contraindications

If a woman has the following diseases, then ozonotherapy during pregnancy is categorically contraindicated:

  • Allergy to medical ozone.
  • Thyroid dysfunction.
  • Convulsions, epilepsy.
  • Violation of the processes of blood clotting.
  • Risk of bleeding.
  • Violation of mental health.

Ozone therapy during pregnancy or medications?

In addition to improving overall health,increase the protective functions of the body, as well as resistance to infections, this procedure allows you to avoid taking harmful medications or significantly reduce their number.

ozonotherapy for pregnancy intravenously

Ozonotherapy when planning pregnancy is notwill hurt no woman. It is worth carrying out this procedure inexpensively, given that it should be carried out with a certain periodicity, rather than constantly. Prevention is always better than treatment, therefore, when preparing for the conception of a child, a woman should undergo a complete examination of the body and take the necessary measures to ensure that the baby is born healthy.

Trust professionals

Those who doubt the positive resultthis procedure, you can get acquainted with the opinion of girls who were recommended ozonotherapy for pregnancy. Reviews may be different, but still a greater number of women respond positively to this procedure. More often than not, girls undergo ozone therapy as prescribed by the doctor, if, for example, the fetus is threatened with hypoxia or there is a risk of premature birth and so on. Pregnant women note that their general condition after the course of ozonotherapy is getting better, the child is not behaving so actively, and the tone of the uterus is markedly reduced. Some women point to unpleasant sensations in the lower abdomen and a slight burning sensation in this area as if from the inside. Many such feelings are frightening, but, as doctors say, this is an absolutely normal reaction of the body to the intake of ozone tissue.

If everything was done in strict accordance with the recommendations of the attending physician, the result will definitely be positive.

Ozone therapy during pregnancy, of course, cancause some unpleasant sensations, but in most cases this is a normal reaction of the body and very soon passes. A doctor-ozone therapist will necessarily warn the patient about how she can feel after the procedure, and she will tell you what feelings are normal, and under what circumstances she should immediately seek help.

Ozone therapy intravenously during pregnancy

Health is the most valuable thing a person has,so you can only trust it to professionals. Even ozonotherapy is intravenous in pregnancy, reviews about which are mostly positive, in comparison with other analogs of the effect on the body of non-medicamentous drugs, has indications and contraindications. In no case can you do self-medication, you must carefully follow all the requirements and recommendations of your doctor.

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