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How to breathe in labor and delivery: ease the pain and speed up the process

how to breathe in labor and delivery
Childbirth is a very important and complex process,requiring a woman of great effort and willpower. It is extremely important to do everything that the doctor says in order to avoid negative consequences. Among such orders, the requirements for breathing are often met. What is meant? Future mothers should learn how to breathe during labor and childbirth.

Importance of breathing

It would seem that it does not matter howoxygen will enter the body of a woman. But in fact, the opinion is wrong. If you know how to breathe in battles and childbirth, you can speed up the process and help yourself and the baby. So, what gives the right breath?

  1. During labor, the uterus contracts, because of which the child may experience oxygen deficiency. Therefore, it is very important to ensure a constant supply of sufficient air.
  2. Breathing will help relieve pain during labor. And if it succeeds, then you can save your energy for attempts.
  3. Stress increases pain and exhaustion, so you can not be nervous at all. And if you breathe correctly during childbirth, then you can relax and recover, keep the mind sober.
  4. Attempts are a very important period. Breathing at this stage will help to avoid ruptures and accelerate the process of birth of a baby

How to do it correctly

how to breathe during labor

An experienced obstetrician should give birth to recommendations and tell how and what to do. So, how to breathe in battles and childbirth?

  1. When the fights just begin and not toointensive, you need to do everything to ensure that enough oxygen is supplied to the body and, consequently, to the fetus. So you can use this technique: inhale through the nose, then exhale through the mouth. In this case, the breath should be shorter. For example, you can count to 4. And on an exhalation count up to 6. It, by the way, helps to distract.
  2. How to breathe during labor, when they becomemore intense? The goal is to relieve pain. You can use the technique of shallow breathing ("dog-like"). It's simple. It is enough to open your mouth and breathe often, like a dog (you can even stick out your tongue). To some it may seem ridiculous, but such manipulations do help.
  3. In the intervals between contractions, you should relax. You need to breathe deeply, slowly and evenly. Oxygen must spread through all tissues, reach the brain.
  4. If attempts have begun, but the cervix is ​​not yetopened, and the fruit did not sink low enough, it is important to restrain one's desire to push. For this, take a deep breath, then breathe often (4-5 shallow exhalations and breaths), and then exhale all the air.
  5. When the obstetrician gives the command to push, you mustinvest in this maximum of strength. To do this, you need to take a very deep breath, whatever you can. Hold your breath and, at the doctor's command, start pushing. When the pong is gone, exhale very slowly, so that the fruit does not go back, but remains where it managed to be promoted.

to breathe correctly during delivery

If you know how to breathe in fights andchildbirth, then you can help yourself and the child (because it's also very difficult!). It is very important to gather all the forces into a fist and keep the clarity of thoughts. Be sure to listen to the doctor as soon as he can determine, at what stage it is the process and what to do if at some point a woman in labor. Let everything pass easily!

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