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Stroller Jetem London

The carriage-stick Jetem has already managed to recommenditself as a very convenient, high-quality and affordable item. The company Jetem, strollers which can be bought in almost every domestic online store, offers a wide range of models, so that every caring parent can choose the best option for his beloved child. Today we will look at the Jetem London model.

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The stroller of this model has a low weight andis characterized by high maneuverability. Also it can be folded or expanded in just a few seconds. In such a "car" any child feels very comfortable and comfortable. In addition, the Jetem London stroller is very compact. For example, in the folded form it can easily fit into the trunk of almost any, even the smallest, cars.

A stroller-stick Jetem London, designed forwalks, is a modern model that combines convenience, quality and safety. It has a very attractive design and is suitable for both walking in the city and on country trips.

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This model is suitable for children in a wideage range: from six months to three years (the maximum permissible weight of the child is 18 kg). The sleeper is wide and long, which makes it very comfortable for the baby. The back has five positions, and the maximum angle of its inclination is 170 degrees. The stroller is equipped with durable and modern seat belts, as well as soft shoulder pads that provide extra protection and comfort for the child. The back also has a built-in "breathable mattress". The stroller is equipped with a removable bumper, which has a soft upholstery and provides more comfort when the baby is sitting on the seat. The model has a large closing hood with a window (which is very important for bad weather or a strong sun). All the fabrics present in the Jetem London model are environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic and waterproof. The material is durable and pleasant to the touch, does not burn out in the sun. It is very convenient to remove the upholstery for washing.

The stroller is equipped with two handles made of non-slip material and adjustable in height and height with a special button.

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The front wheels of the model are single andfloating. It is possible to fix them in a straight position. The rear wheels are fixed, double and equipped with brakes. Soft cushioning makes the trip of the baby in the stroller very pleasant and comfortable.

Aluminum frame stroller is coated with anti-corrosioncoating, which allows it for many years to faithfully serve its owners. The design of the product is equipped with a fuse against possible accidental addition. The stroller can be folded very easily and quickly. When folded, it is very convenient for storage or transportation. The handle is very convenient when carrying the stroller in the folded form. Also, her body has a fairly large net for shopping, which makes it easy to go with the baby to the store.

The set is supplemented by a bumper and a cover on legs of the kid.

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