/ What color will the children have?

What color will the children have?

The woman begins to imagine what will be herchild, long before he was born. She tries to understand who he will be like, what will be the color of the eyes of the future baby. But the truth, let's find out what the eyes of the child depend on.

what color will the eyes have in children

The fact that the color of the eyes in infants over timehas been known for a long time. So, the Europeans can easily be born with blue eyes, and by the year they can become green or dark-brown. This you do not miss. They will change gradually, acquiring the shade that will remain forever. True, there are babies born with brown eyes, the color of which does not change. This is due to the large amount of melanin in the iris. In general, the color of the eyes of the future child is determined by the amount of pigment accumulated by the body of the parents. The more it is, the darker the baby's iris will be.

What color will the children have?

If we follow Mendel's law, it turns out that"dark" gene of parents prevails over "light". If it is simpler, the following is obtained: the color of the eyes of parents and the child will coincide only if they have a dark shade.

color of eyes of parents and child
If one parent had eyes, for example,blue or green, and the second black, then the child is likely to be born dark-eyed. It's like with hair, the same principle: a brunette and a blonde child will be born with a 90% chance of being dark.

And is it easy to guess what color eyes the children will have?

It turns out everything is not so simple. After all, from any rule there are exceptions. There are cases when the brown-eyed parents were born babies with blue eyes. Will you say there is something unclean here? No, it's just a complex combination of genes that are intertwined, and in the end this effect has turned out. And if it is easier, then the effect of the nearest blue-eyed relatives on the part of the father or mother was reflected. So it's impossible to guess with absolute accuracy about what color the eyes will have in children. There is always the possibility of making mistakes.

Exceptions to the rules

Approximately 1% of children on the planet have eyes of completely different colors. So, one eye in a child may well be dark, and the second green.

eye color of a child
This is not a disease. This is heterochromia, or, more simply, one eye melanin accumulated more than the second. This interesting feature in no way affects the vision of the baby. By the way, this feature can also be manifested in part. That is, the iris will be colored unevenly, and part of it will be fairly light.

Interesting Facts

If the child has green eyes, consider himvery lucky. And not because he will, according to legend, have some special abilities. Today this color is the rarest. And nature is so arranged that it is peculiar only to women. Scientists have been working on this phenomenon for many years, but they can not explain it in any way.


As you can see, guess what color eyewill be in children, just impossible. Here the influence is exerted by a huge number of factors, and all of them need to be taken into account. And is it worth to think about it? After all, this kid is so welcome that it does not matter what eyes he has, it's important that they look at you with tenderness and love.

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