/ How many girls should weigh at 13? What should be their growth?

How many girls should weigh at 13? What should be their growth?

To answer unequivocally the question of how many girls should weigh at 13 years is quite difficult. Nevertheless, there are some average indicators that can be operated on.

How many girls should weigh in 13 years

What happens to teenagers at the age of 13?

13th anniversary is a transitional date when teenagersundergo enormous changes, grow up, fall in love, change. Girls and boys experience the so-called puberty period, becoming girls, boys. Everything changes: their appearance, emotional state, hobbies, inner peace. Changes in the body, shape become obvious. And many start to wonder about how much girls should weigh in 13 years. Does weight gain correspond to weight? Does the development progress proportionally, are there any deviations? After all, everyone dreams of being beautiful, looking slim and attractive.

What can influence the correct "growth-weight" ratio of a girl

How many girls should weigh in 13 years
All people are different, each is different in its own way. Each of us has its own genetics, which we simply can not influence. Everyone, whether astenik, hypersthenic or normosthenichny person, his own constitution, his physique, muscle mass, bone tissue. Determine exactly how many girls should weigh at 13 years is difficult. After all, we all live and develop in different climatic conditions, we are in specific life circumstances, which often set certain adjustments. Correct and full-value vitaminized food, healthy and sound sleep, fresh air, exercise with your favorite work and physical exercises, absence of stressful situations and many other factors directly influence our physical and emotional development and condition. A one-way answer to the question of who should weigh how many years in his life, and how much the girl should weigh at 13 years, in particular, probably does not exist. There are no strict limits that must be adhered to. Some may not reach the averaged values, while the other, on the contrary, experiences a sharp jump in growth and weight. And this is not so terrible if these deviations do not require correction, for example, in nutrition, or even treatment in the presence of certain pathologies.

So still, how much should girls weigh in 13years? After all, there are certain averaged parameters of the optimal weight-to-height ratio that can be operated on. And let them not be of a recommendatory nature, but they are built on statistical data on the basis of observations of fully healthy girls experiencing adolescence.

Growth statistics

How much should girls weigh in the 13-year-old table
If we talk about growth, the averagethe indicator here is 157.1 cm for the girl. The possible fork of deviations from very low to very high is 143-168 cm. It should be noted that at this age according to statistics girls are higher than their peers, boys, who on average reach 156.2 cm in height. Although for them the range of values ​​can range from 141.8-170.7 cm.

Weight statistics

As for the second indicator, observationsrecorded approximately equal weight ratio in boys and girls. In boys it is averaged 45.8 kg, although it can vary from 30.9 to 66 kg. At girls it, accordingly, 45,7 kg at possible variations of 32-69 kg. For greater clarity, below is a small table of permissible average growth and weight values ​​at 13 years.

How many girls should weigh in 13 years? Table

Girls / boys, 13 years oldThe weightGrowth
The smallest valueaverage valueThe largest valueThe smallest valueaverage valueThe largest value


13 years


The boys,

13 years


But, as we understand, these are all averaged fixed data. And in practice, a girl can weigh and reach in growth of very different sizes in greater or lesser side.

How much should girls weigh in at 13 years of age 163
How to determine how much girls should weigh in13 years (height 163, for example)? There are different methods of calculation, according to which the indicators vary. So, according to Brock's formula, with an average height of 163 cm, the weight is considered to be 48 kg (with asthenic type of build) or 53 kg (with normosthenic physique). According to the formula of American colleagues and the Lorentz method, the indicator will reach a value of 60 kg. The Katle method denotes a lower threshold of 48 kg, while the upper reaches 66 kg. It is clear that these data do not indicate the weight of exactly 13-year-old girls, they are universal, can be applied to women with a height of 163 cm.

If the answer to the question "how much should we weighgirls in 13 years "indicators differ from some generally accepted standards, it does not matter. The main thing is a worldview, love of life, a state of ease and comfort, emotional well-being experienced by a person.

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