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Pharyngitis in a child: symptoms, treatment. How to help the baby?

Very often you can hear from your parents thatthe "weakest spot" in a child is the throat. Indeed, in the process of growing up and strengthening human immunity, the respiratory tract is exposed to various infections, infection with bacteria and simply banal supercooling. All these causes can cause pharyngitis in a child. Symptoms, treatment of it we will try to consider and understand how to effectively overcome this trouble.

pharyngitis in a child symptoms of treatment

How does the disease occur?

Most often, this ailment is caused by viruses,which fall on the mucous membrane of the baby and provoke inflammation of the larynx. In more rare cases, the disease can develop due to pathogenic microbes that have entered the body and began to multiply. In such cases, the process is very difficult for children and is accompanied by various complications.

A common cause of the disease is also consideredsupercooling of the body. The child gets cold and there is an inflammation of the respiratory tract. The disease affects exactly the weakened parts of a small organism. Doctors talk about the need to strengthen immunity to prevent pharyngitis in a child. Symptoms, treatment of the disease, we will consider in detail in our article.

How to recognize

Your baby can start complaining about the unpleasantfeeling in the throat, there will be pain when swallowing solid food and very hot drinks. The temperature usually rises slightly, but if the disease is provoked by bacteria, it can rise to 38-40aboutFROM. The child complains of a perspiration in the throat, constantly coughing, trying to get rid of the foreign body. And, of course, if you examine the back wall of the larynx, it will be red and inflamed. Sometimes a white coating appears.

a pharyngitis at the child 2 years

Often pharyngitis occurs with other concomitanttroubles: a runny nose, tonsils inflame, conjunctivitis may appear. Difficulties arise in the smallest, because they can not say what bothers them. Watch the baby. He can sharply deteriorate sleep, he will constantly be capricious, poorly eat. Measure the temperature and, if possible, inspect the neck. Do you doubt if the child has pharyngitis? Symptoms, treatment is best determined by a qualified pediatrician. He will tell you how best to help your baby in this situation.

We proceed to treatment

How to cure pharyngitis in a child and notdo I harm him? It is necessary to understand that such a disease, if it is not complicated by a bacterial current, does not require the use of antibiotics. They can seriously hurt the baby, and the cause of the ailment is not beaten. In such a situation there is enough elimination of symptoms, and if a virus has penetrated, the body must fight it on its own to develop strong immunity. You must provide the child with an abundant warm drink, maintain moisture in the apartment. Offer him fruit drinks, tea, milk and all the drinks he likes (avoid soda and too sweet drink).

Children from 2 years old can splash their throats with specialSprays that relieve pain and relieve inflammation. Aerosol preparations "Orasept", "Geksoral" will do. Avoid funds based on alcohol, they irritate the mucous membrane. You can offer the baby special candy, which cope with the pain - tablets "Tharyngept", capsules "Laripront" or sweets with a refreshing distraction (eucalyptus, lemon). Rinses will help to defeat pharyngitis in a child, the symptoms, the treatment of which we are now able to determine on our own. It is allowed to use a variety of medicinal herbs: flowers of marigold or chamomile, leaves of plantain. They remove the edema and act as antiseptics.

how to cure pharyngitis in a child

An excellent remedy for such a disease will besolution "Yoks". It disinfects the throat and eliminates plaque, relieves pain. If there is no temperature, pair your legs, you can add a little mustard. If it is increased (38aboutC), the preparation "Paracetamol" in tabletsor syrup "Ibuprofen". When it is determined that the disease is caused by a virus, it is necessary to take medications that cope with it. Suitable medication "Arbidol" in tablets and children's syrup "Anaferon". In severe pain, apply hot compresses on an alcohol basis. Unfortunately, all these tools do not fit very small!

Be sure to see a doctor if you are suspecteda pharyngitis at the child. 2 years is the age when the baby can expand the list of medicines. Until then, be careful. Do not use sprays, they can cause a spasm of the airways. Antibiotics are shown only as a last resort. Let the babe drink as much as possible, it is allowed to spray an antiseptic in the neck. Apply dry compresses and massage lightly. At home, it is difficult to help a baby, do not delay the visit to the doctor.

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