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Rivets for clothes - a fashion accessory

Fashion was interested in the beautiful halfof humanity at all times. What accessories are preferred in the coming season, which must necessarily be in the wardrobe, and what you need to get rid of - these are the questions that always concern women.

Rivets for clothes

In this season, everyone's favorite rivets forclothes are on top of popularity. On the catwalks are displayed many unconventional dresses, decorated with colorful rivets, stones and thorns. The most famous clothing, where rivets are used, is a leather jacket, a leather jacket, now experiencing a real boom. It has a zipper, sewn obliquely, and many metal rivets, zippers and chains that are located on the shoulders, pockets, sleeves of the jacket, and can also be scattered on the turndown collar.

In the summer collection, metal rivets forClothing is widely used on short shorts and even found on skirts and chiffon dresses. Very popular in this season are detachable collars, which are decorated with rivets. They are worn with blouses and dresses, thus underscoring their uniqueness.

But what to do if the wardrobe is already selected, but inHe does not have a single thing with a fashionable decoration? To do this, it will be enough to make rivets on the clothes with your own hands. This lesson will be interesting and will not require special skills. But you can put rivets on clothes and accessories the way you want. For example, a classic pencil skirt can be decorated along the seams, along the entire belt or along the bottom line. And then the daily office outfit will allocate you from the general homogeneous mass. For two years, shorts with rivets have been steadily holding the status of fashionable things. On shorts they can be placed on the visible part of the front pockets, along the waist and on the back pockets. Such shorts are associated with youth, carelessness and summer walks until the morning in the seaside cities.

Metal rivets for clothes
So, to decorate clothes with rivets, you needbuy them at any specialized textile store. You can choose any form. Still need glue and a few simple devices (stick for glue application and toothpick). Carefully apply glue on the inner surface of the rivet, attach it to the fabric and press it down for a few seconds. In the same way, glue the rest of the rivets to the garment surface.

Rivets for clothes
Thus, in order to become the most fashionablethis season, it is not necessary to change the entire wardrobe and spend a lot of money on it. It is enough to think in advance that it will help to achieve the desired effect (these can be rivets for clothes) and try to achieve this by inexpensive means available. So you can not only save money, but also learn how to change clothes and accessories with the help of various decorative elements. If your imagination in the process of decorating clothes takes a step further, perhaps you will be the founder of a new trend in fashion! In any case, you need to remember that spectacular details, such as rivets for clothes, should be in moderation, because they themselves are a very bright and attractive accessory.

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