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Grandmother food for cats and dogs: description and reviews

With the appearance of a pet in the house, whether it's a kitten or a puppy, additional worries are added noticeably. And the question, what to feed the pet, becomes very urgent.

grindorph fodder

One of the great solutions to this problem is the Belgian forage "Granddorf". In this case, the manufacturer took care of cats and dogs.

Food for cats "Granddorf"

Dry food "Granddorf" for cats contains in itscomposition is only useful and necessary for the body of animal matter. On 70% it consists of meat, the rest 30% occupy fatty acids, vitamins, antioxidants, brewer's yeast, taurine and other components.

feed granddorf reviews

In addition, there are some types of feedfor cats "Granddorf". They are specially designed for small kittens (with lamb and rice), cats that are kept indoors (with turkey and lamb), sterilized animals (with rice and turkey), as well as for pets with sensitive digestive system (with fish ).

The food "Granddorf", thanks to its balanced composition, brings significant benefits to the animal's body:

  • maintains a beneficial intestinal microflora, improves digestion and metabolism;
  • cares for the oral cavity;
  • prevents the appearance of problems with the teeth;
  • heals the skin of the animal and wool;
  • strengthens the joints;
  • improves vision;
  • supports the activity of the cardiovascular system;
  • reduces the possibility of urolithiasis;
  • improves immunity.

Reviews of cat food "Granddorf"

What customers say about this product foranimals, as a food "Granddorf"? Feedback in most cases is positive. Cat lovers like the natural composition of the feed, a large amount of meat in it and a complete lack of soy. In addition, such food is an ideal option for pets prone to allergy.

As for the minuses, they are not so significant. Basically, the owners of animals believe that the pellets of the feed are a bit shallow. But for cats, it most likely does not matter. And the second minus is the price of food. Indeed, it is much higher than other popular manufacturers in Russia. The reason for this is obvious - the company "Grandorf" puts in priority the quality of feed with the maximum amount of meat in the composition, not replacing it with a cheaper soy or cornstarch.

Food for dogs "Granddorf"

Dry food "Granddorf" for dogs consists ofeasily digestible natural ingredients. At the same time, the percentage of meat in it is within 60%, and the remaining 40% is occupied by rice, herbs and greens, brewer's yeast, vitamins and other components. The food does not contain any preservatives, allergens, offal, dyes, flavors, as well as sugar and salt.

feed grandeur reviews of veterinarians

There are different types of feed "Granddorf" fordogs, so it is not difficult to choose the ideal option for a puppy or an elderly dog, a pregnant or nursing animal, as well as any special features of the pet's organism (illness, digestive problems, susceptibility to allergies, etc.).

Reviews of dog food from the company "Grandorf"

What impression did I leave about my customers?"Granddorf"? Reviews of veterinarians and just the owners of dogs are exactly the same - this food is ideal for any breed, age and health status of the pet.

Pets are happy to eat food"Gradorf", while they disappear any problems with digestion and improves the quality of the stool. In addition, the animal becomes active, its wool is soft and shiny.

But, despite all the positive feedback,there are cases when this food does not fit the puppy or already adult dog. As a result, there were problems with digestion in the form of an increase in the number of stools. Experienced breeders say that this process is normal when changing the type of food and it should just be endured. Those who took advantage of this advice, noticed the normalization of the stool during the first two weeks. The rest decided not to experiment with their pet and continued to search for the ideal food for him.

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