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21 weeks of pregnancy - this is how many months? 21st week of pregnancy: sensations, development of the fetus

There comes 21 weeks of pregnancy. This is how many months? On an obstetric term-six, although my mother may well be sure that five. The difference is a few weeks, because gynecologists always round up the figure in a larger direction. It happens that a woman herself can much more accurately calculate the date of delivery, especially if she has been pregnant for a long time and led the ovulation calendar. Despite the difference in numbers, half of the time has already passed, your kid already resembles a "big doll" that perfectly hears and feels your mood and even the taste of the food that you eat. You can interact with your baby, play and understand each other.

21 weeks of pregnancy is how many months

How to determine the length of pregnancy

The exchange card says that to date,you are 21 weeks pregnant. This is how many months left before delivery? Approximately the same (slightly less) - 4.5. Some will see the baby even earlier. How to calculate the time? Usually there are two digits, very different from each other. These are the mother's own calculations, based on the dates of the last menstruation, sexual contact, calculated ovulation and own feelings. Often the calculations are correct, but doctors think differently. They take as a basis the last menstruation, so if it is logical to assume that ovulation occurred two weeks after their onset, the error will be exactly 14 days. Nevertheless, it is important for doctors to accurately determine the duration of pregnancy, so they adjust their data, based on the results of the examination on the chair, ultrasound examinations and the first movements of the fetus.

A normal pregnancy lasts 266 days, thiscounted and proven by numerous studies. This is the period from conception to the beginning of labor. It is 38 weeks, after which the child is completely ready for birth. But since few people know the exact date of conception, but take as a basis the last menstrual period, 280 days or 40 weeks go out. You are unlikely to make a mistake if you subtract 14 days from the estimated date of delivery. The calculation of pregnancy is important and necessary, but still only your baby can decide when he will be born.

determine the gestational age

What is happening now with the baby

Your baby grows and develops, but its weight nowis only 300-400 g, despite the fact that it's already 21 weeks of pregnancy. This is how many months will it take if it grows so slowly? Calm down, at this stage, the development of all organs and systems is completed, then the child will rapidly gain weight. The growth of the baby is about 25 centimeters, it has already gained half its length, now the first layer of fat will start to form. Many organs and systems at this stage are already actively involved in the work, but there are further transformations of the digestive, nervous, immune and endocrine systems.

In general, the 5th month of pregnancy endsactive development of the digestive organs. The child still receives useful substances through the umbilical cord, but already actively swallows amniotic fluid and processes them with enzymes. Thus, he receives a small amount of nutrients, and most importantly, passes the necessary training. The esophagus and stomach are getting ready for work, the intestine will keep the stools until the end of pregnancy. Only after birth will he be emptied.

Only 5 months of pregnancy, and the baby's bloodformed platelets and white blood cells, begins to work its own immune system. It's amazing how quickly the most complex neoplasms occur. The bone and muscle tissue actively grows, the teeth begin to develop in the gums. The most complex, endocrine system begins to function. Included in the work of the thyroid, pancreas, adrenal gland and pituitary gland. At this time, the spleen ripens and begins to work. The appearance of the light at this time is no longer a miscarriage, but a premature birth, while the baby can be saved and placed in an incubator.

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Changes that occur in the body of the mother

There is 21 weeks of pregnancy. This is how many months - five or six? By the standards of obstetricians - the beginning of the sixth, because they all the pregnancy is divided into 280 days, 40 weeks or 10 months, 28 days each. Because of this, often misunderstandings of doctors and future parents are obtained. However, it's still a certain Rubicon, a feature that separates the first half of the pregnancy from the second. Often, women say that this week they felt like mothers. Especially this applies to those who are carrying the first baby. Now the mother clearly defines the activity time of the child, feels his movements and can communicate with him. The kid feels all the stroking of the belly very well, he also feels a voice addressed to him, songs and rhymes. Be sure to communicate with a crumb, play "in the pursuit" by fingering your stomach. It is especially wonderful when in such games the whole family, dad and older children participate.

The calculation of pregnancy will soon be confirmed on the secondUS, there the expert corrects the term exposed by the doctor. This survey is the penultimate one, we'll talk about it a little later. A future mother can enjoy a normal life, go to work, pregnancy does not make any big adjustments to her life. Periodic movements only fill life with joy and meaning. The uterus rose quite strongly over the navel, in the norm the mother should already gain 4-6 kg. This is not very noticeable, but it is an occasion to change clothes for more comfortable.

There may be a constant appetite, whichdifficult to restrain. It is important to remember that the period of rapid weight gain is ahead, so you need to pay attention to your nutrition. It should be full, but not excessive, excluding harmful, fatty foods. Remember, science has proved that your child's taste preferences are being formed. If you use a large number of sweets throughout your pregnancy, it will be fixed in the baby at the level of reflexes. He will perceive as tasty only food that contains a lot of sugar. In the future, this will negatively affect his weight and health.

5 month of pregnancy

Sensations of a woman

At this time you can notice how from the nipplesColostrum is allocated - this is the rate of pregnancy. The breast is preparing to feed the baby, this is an excellent sign, so you will not have problems with natural feeding. During this period the woman enjoys not too strong shocks of her unborn child, listening with a sinking heart to what is happening in her stomach. When the baby jumps, moves his lips, sucks his finger and makes such movements - this is left without attention of the mother, but the touch to the walls of the uterus is easily perceptible. Therefore, out of all 200 movements per day, a woman catches only 10-15. Be sure to fix the movements of your child, this is an important indicator of its development. For 12 hours you should count about 10 shocks, and if you prilyazhete rest, then for 1 hour, he will make at least 4 tangible movements. Starting from this period, the doctor will be able to listen to the heartbeat of the child.

Even if the pregnancy is very good,sensation of a woman can diversify the feeling of heaviness in the abdomen. This is due to the tension of the ligament of the uterus and the expansion of the pelvis. Such sensations are a norm, but it will not be superfluous to discuss them with your doctor. Approximately at this time, you can notice stretch marks on the chest, sides and stomach. Cosmetic products do not help much in the fight against them, but this is not too much payment for the miracle of the birth of a new life.

General recommendations

It is at this time that your pregnancy blossoms. Conception, the excitement associated with it, toxicosis - all this in the past. Now the rounded tummy becomes noticeable, you can accept the congratulations of others. You now need to maintain the body in shape and control the appetite, a large increase in weight is bad for the pregnancy and childbirth. Sports loads are also necessary, it is very useful to perform breathing exercises and special gymnastics for pregnant women. If there is no possibility to go to the gym for special mugs for expectant mothers, do not despair. You can find videos and study at home. Another great sport is swimming. It is useful for all nine months. Be sure to change the wardrobe. You will need a good bra that will preserve the shape of the breasts, comfortable clothes and shoes without heels.

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Dangerous Symptoms

Now you have 6 (5) months of pregnancy. This is the period when the baby is already big enough, but is not ready to be born at all. Therefore, premature birth can threaten the death of the child. Today, children born on this date can survive in a hospital environment, however, the risk is great. Any alarming symptom should be an excuse to see a doctor, but there is a list of those that require immediate hospitalization. It can be severe vomiting, acute pain in the lower abdomen, bloody or watery discharge from the vagina. Also, immediately call an ambulance if you feel strong uterine contractions. Sensation of pressure in the lower abdomen, pain when urinating should be the reason for examination. Prompt treatment to a doctor can save two lives, so do not pull and do self-medication.


It does not matter how many months of pregnancy you havenow, any deviation should be the reason for going to the doctor. Normally, excretions may be more abundant than usual, white or yellowish, without a pungent odor, flakes, mucus and pus. We admit only a sour smell, which is a consequence of the vital activity of bacteria. If the discharge sharply changed the nature, it can talk about the infection that needs to be treated. If your stomach hurts or blood appears, you should immediately seek help. Pregnancy needs to be kept for a certain period, premature birth is still too dangerous for the life and health of the baby.

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Nutrition for pregnant women

Fast fetal growth promotes increasedrequirements for a woman's diet. Now is not the time for diets, the average number of calories consumed should be about 3000 per day. Of course, supplement the diet should not sweets, fatty meat and fast food, and dairy products, easily assimilated poultry meat, various cereals, fish, vegetables and fruits.

The natural cycle of pregnancy goes on as usual. That there were no problems with the gastrointestinal tract, one should eat at least 6 times a day little by little. Then constant companions of overeating, constipation and heartburn will not cause you problems.

During pregnancy, the need forvitamins, minerals and microelements. Therefore, doctors recommend to constantly take special complexes. This will help to avoid the deficiency of essential substances in the mother and ensure the correct development of the fetus. Many will say that enough nutrition is enough. Doctors do not quite agree with this. Sea fish grown in nurseries on mixed fodders can not provide the body with enough omega-3 fatty acids, vegetables and fruits lose almost all vitamins by spring, except for C. And there are many such examples, therefore, it is necessary to take quality supplements for food.


To date, the doctor should already haveaccumulated a lot of submitted tests, they all give an opportunity to assess the development of the child and the state of the mother. The second ultrasound allows us to make a final conclusion regarding the presence or absence of malformations. Although the period is already long, it is still possible to decide on the termination of pregnancy, if the doctor is absolutely sure of its unfavorable outcome, that is, the birth of a child with deviations.

Later terms of pregnancy - this is alreadya period when doctors spend more time on their mother's health. The child will be evaluated further by the doctor only by measuring the circumference of the abdomen and by listening to the heartbeat. If the doctor has any doubts, then at the time of 21 weeks he will appoint an additional, expanded blood test.

Ultrasound at week 21

Ultrasound research allows to estimate,whether the dimensions of the child's body correspond to the development of his internal organs. The doctor will look at the size of the bones, their compliance with the norm. In addition, the normal heart rhythm, the size of the liver and kidneys is important. A doctor can let you look at your baby, though it is very difficult for an unprepared person to sort out something among the flickering dots and stripes. Therefore, rely on the doctor and ask him to talk a little about the development of the baby.

6 months of pregnancy

With what information do you leave the survey? The conclusion will contain the exact period of pregnancy, the presence or absence of multiple pregnancies. At this time, the diagnosis of the possibility of miscarriage, the methods for its prevention are being developed. Clearly visible many malformations of the fetus, on the basis of this information the doctor may decide to terminate the pregnancy, but the final decision will be for the mother. And the most interesting, the doctor will tell you the sex of the child. This event was earlier waited for all 9 months, and today already in the middle of the term you will know exactly what color bows to prepare for an extract.

Let's sum up the results

This is an important milestone in such a grandiose event asthe birth of a new life. You are very close to that cherished moment when you can see your child. Now every day it will become bigger and harder. Not far off is the time when you, tired of carrying a heavy baby, will dream of approaching childbirth. But today the child is still too young to cause inconvenience, so continue to live an ordinary life. Finished 5 months of pregnancy, ahead of you still a lot of time in anticipation of a miracle.

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