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Coffee maker Delonghi EC 155: specifications. Owner feedback

Coffee makers are good at real coffee. A fragrant bitter drink helps to wake up in the morning and invigorates throughout the day. Morning coffee in the Turk takes a lot of time and seeks to escape. It is faster and more convenient to prepare a drink with a coffee machine, for example, Delonghi EC 155.

Household appliances for kitchen

On the shelves of shops in the departments of household appliancesyou can find different types of machines for cooking coffee. To enjoy a cup of a fragrant drink, you need good coffee beans and a Delonghi EC155 coffee maker. This is a carob coffee maker, and even such devices are called confectionery or espresso coffee machines. And although this model does not have a huge display and touch buttons, it will cope with its task of making coffee.

The case is made of black plastic withmetal inserts. The boiler is made of stainless steel. There is a removable 1 liter water reservoir behind it. A switch is located on the front panel. With it, you can select the desired function: coffee, hot water or steam, turn the device on or off.

Delonghi EC 155

How to choose a coffee maker

There are machines for home and professionalaggregates designed for a large number of portions. For a house it is better to choose a caravan. Most consumers are not advised to give preference to Chinese devices. It is worth paying attention to the machine Delonghi EC 155.

This inexpensive espresso coffee machine is a godsend forlovers and connoisseurs of coffee. Stylish design and small size, easy to operate, easy to clean from scale, in operation noiseless. Model of manual type. To make a drink you need to fill the horn yourself with a product and compress it with temper. There is a possibility of making cappuccino. There are indicators of inclusion and water level. The power of the unit is 1100 W, the maximum pressure is 15 bar, the volume of the water tank in different models is from 0.5 to 1 liter. The case is made of plastic from Delonghi EC 155. Price depending on the model chosen varies from 6674 to 12090 rubles.

Coffee maker Delonghi EC 155

Functions of the coffee machine

Fans of espresso or cappuccino will like itDelonghi EC 155. The machine can cook two cups of drink at once. A special feature of the model is the Crema filter holder. It allows you to use not only ground coffee, but also chalds (a filter package with ground compressed coffee). The horn is made of metal. Some models have a built-in seal for the powder. A special device will make out coffee-powder automatically. The system for the preparation of cappuccino mixes air, steam and milk, forming a thick milk foam. On the left there is a pipe for starting steam or hot water. A special nozzle is put on the tube to make cappuccino. The steam regulator is located on the top cover of the unit. At the bottom there is a removable container, where the drops are flowing.

Delonghi EC 155 reviews

Universal unit

Fully automatic machines are compact andeasy to operate, more functional, have high security and are easy to operate. The Delonghi coffee machine has a convenient two-line text display. It displays the right amount of water and coffee for one serving. There are indicators that report insufficient water and the need to remove scale. Ergonomic management. You can set all the necessary parameters, automatically turn on and off.

The model is equipped with an auto-capuchino system. Pressing one button is easy to get cappuccino or coffee latte. The device works as with whole grains (built-in grinder with adjustable grinding), and with powder. The degree of grinding of grains, the strength of the drink and the necessary volume of the portion are regulated.

The Delonghi coffee machine allows the use of cupsany height. The water tank, depending on the model, accommodates a different volume of water. In this case, it is 1.8 liters (Delonghi EC 155). 250 g of grains can be loaded into a special container. There is a container for coffee grounds. The power of the unit is 1450 W, pressure 15 bar, there is a function of energy saving.

Delonghi Ec 155 user guide

How to use

The Delonghi EC 155 is designed forpreparation of espresso. Before assembling and operating the equipment, you should carefully read the instructions. After installation, the device is placed on the work surface away from the sink. The socket must be grounded and must conform to the type of plug. It is not allowed to operate indoors at a temperature below 0 °, since the device can be damaged due to freezing of the liquid.

After the installation steps, remove the coverfrom the tank and pour the water to the mark. When using the Delonghi EC 155 for the first time, the instruction recommends warming up the appliance by working in a blanket without coffee until all the water has drained completely. In this case, the steam supply system must be closed. The machine is ready for operation. We repeat the operation. Fill the water in the holder, install the filter, measuring spoon add the right amount of coffee, distributing and ramming it. Next, the holder is inserted into the coffee machine, and finally the cup is installed. Then the knob turns to the desired position.

Delonghi EC 155 price

Owner feedback

Do not be guided only by technicalthe parameters of the home appliance Delonghi EC 155. Feedback from users also play a significant role. Most of the owners give a positive characteristic and allocate the solid advantages of the unit. In particular, compactness and excellent design of the model are noted. Users liked the ease of use, powerful boiler and good pressure, despite the compact size of the device. Espresso is strong and fragrant. The possibility of cooking two servings at the same time. A good balance between the quality of the machine and its price.

Negative reviews are mainly related toincorrect handling. Some note the increased noise of the unit. Plastic models sometimes produce an unpleasant odor when heated. It is difficult to choose the right milk to get froth in cappuccino. Some owners do not like that a high cup does not fit under the horn. Some people believe that the machine is whimsical when grinding fine coffee.

Delonghi EC 155 price

Features of operation and care

When choosing a home helper, you need to convertattention to the manufacturer. Acquiring the product Delonghi EC 155, there is confidence in the quality and absence of marriage. For the correct operation of the unit, you must carefully read the instructions and clearly follow all recommendations. If the coffee holder starts to come out very slowly or drip off, it's time to clean the filter. It should be rinsed under a hot water brush. If the holes are clogged, they can be cleaned with a sharp object. The boiler requires descaling after cooking about 300 cups of drink. For cleaning, aggressive detergents and abrasive substances can not be used, except for special means intended for this purpose. It can be all kinds of liquids or powder for descaling, tablets from fats.

Love your coffee maker, take care of it, drink coffee for health, and a pleasant appetite!

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