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Riddles about geese for kids

Many children because of their age loveguessing riddles about geese or other animals. Some children do not take this business at all and do not even want to think about the answer. Therefore, forcing a child is not forcibly, because all children are different. There are cases when grandmothers or even mothers themselves begin to say that, for example, Masha's child has already told poems in two years, or in one year could guess the most complicated mathematical problems. So what? Let what they want, they do with their child, but if your son or daughter does not want to solve charades, then you do not have to force them. It is necessary to come to this.

In today's article will be collected light riddlesabout geese, which you can try to read to your child. With the help of these puzzles you can find out whether your child is able to solve the simplest tasks for logic or not. And to be more precise, first of all you will see whether your child has any desire to think at all.

Riddles about geese

Of course, only the child who has seen it on the screen or live will be able to recognize the animal by verbal description.

  1. On the thin neck there is a head. Floats on the lake every day.

Covered with feathers wings. And he can fly.

2. It can pinch you, so it's better not to touch it.

He walks, wanders with an outstretched neck, and he can pinch his leg.

3. Hiss like a snake, and a neck like a snake.

And he swims the best and is proud of it.

No one can compare with him.

riddles about geese

4. We are told - "Go kids, do not be afraid!". But we are very afraid of them.

They hiss, their wings are raised.

Are able even to pinch the leg. Who is this?

5. They walk in feathers, do not rush, they often hiss at people.

I'm a little afraid of them. Have you guessed? It...

Riddles about the goose with answers

A few more similar tasks will help to know the bird by habits or characteristic sounds that it publishes.

1. Can sizzle and cackle.

He wants to pinch me.

And I will go and not be afraid.

It's the same ... (Gus).

2. They need a team to get on line.

Go to the lake only by a chain.

Because they love discipline.

Who is this? (Geese).

3. They firmly say: "Ha-ha."

Who could insult them? Where? When?

He is not afraid of anyone,

Because it's ... (Goose).

4. Tamed bird, but wildly hissing. For a pinch to pinch everyone wants. (Geese).

riddles about the goose with answers

5. The best catcher who can only shout "Ha-ha-ha",

He can fly badly, but in the water, like a champion. (Goose).

About handsome swans

In this subhead there will be a riddle aboutgeese-swans, the answers will even be written backwards, so that the children find it harder to know the answer. If they already know how to read, then they will easily read, but if it is written incorrectly, then maybe not everyone can read it backwards.

1. Proud, fearless, attractive and similar to a deuce.

Who is it? Respond! It's white ... (Lede)

2. With a long neck this bird,

And elegant, like a queen,

Luxuriously to his neck,

Who and how does it call? (GdebeL)

a riddle about geese swans answers

3. This bird, swims not fast,

But beautiful, patient, proud,

But a little shy (LIBER).

4. Everyone knows this bird -

The ugly duckling is his name, in one of the fairy tales.

The tale is very interesting, but I do not remember it. (Gideb).

5. What a bird it is!

You will not be confused with anyone.

Looks like the number two!

And the neck like an arc! Guess who she is? (Gideb).

In general, riddles about geese can be thought up by ourselves,it's pretty easy. It's worth trying, and you will definitely succeed. You do not have to invent big ones, only a couple of lines will suffice. The main thing is that your child learns to learn from the verbal description of a bird, because you know better what it is capable of. Similarly, you can think of any riddle, about anyone.

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