/ Why is Easter celebrated at different times?

Why is Easter celebrated at different times?

Easter, translated from Greek as "deliverance"serves as a reminder that Christ, who suffered all the sufferings for the human race, was resurrected on the third day after the burial. Easter in England, Russia or Italy is the main Christian holiday, which millions of believers around the world are waiting for every year. On this great day for all Orthodox believers, the triumphant deliverance of the Son of God from torment and the giving of eternal life to people. Easter is celebrated, as a rule, in one of the Sundays of spring. Why is Easter celebrated at different times each year?

Why Easter is celebrated at different times

Proceeding from the message of the New Testament, the death of Jesus Christ occurred at the celebration of the Jewish Passover, which was celebrated earlier always after the first full moon following the day the vernal equinox. Because all the months of the Jewish calendar used to bebegan on the new moon, the full moon always came on the 14th, and the first month of the year began on the first spring full moon, that is, the Jewish Passover was always celebrated in the nearest full moon after that date, so the day of the celebration of Easter could move. In the IV century, they tried to choose a common date, at which the peculiarities of the calculation of the Jewish Passover from the time of Jesus would be preserved. Thus, the "mobile" date of the great Christian holiday was established, and now everyone knows why Easter is celebrated at different times.

Bright Easter

The main Easter traditions

House cleaning

It is believed that all work around the house needs to be donethree days before the holiday. Knowing why Easter is celebrated at different times, the date of its offensive is easy to calculate. On Thursday before a long-awaited day, believers wash windows, floors, to let more light into the house on the Great Feast. In Russia there were many traditions associated with Pure Thursday. Christians cleaned the house, yard of dirt and debris, fumigated juniper room, garden and pets, trying to scare away the ill and unhappiness. Then people bathed in the bath, and the girls scratched the braids under the apple trees, so that the hair grew thicker. And to this day it is believed that on Friday you can not do anything, even wash yourself.

Easter table

Bright Easter has brought us many beautifultraditions that are loved today by Orthodox Christians. The main dishes that stand on the table are cakes and colored eggs. Kulichi has very few baked today, because they are easy to buy in the store. Eggs are also accepted to paint with purchase stickers. Many have already forgotten where the tradition of giving colored eggs came from. This custom came to us from St. Mary Magdalene, who, after the ascension of Christ, presented the Emperor Tiberius with a red egg, the symbol of the life-giving death of Jesus, before beginning his sermon. Just as a clean egg emerges from under a hard shell, so Jesus rises from the grave for eternal life.

Easter in England

Why is Easter celebrated at different times? The question is not the most important for Christians. For many today, this is an occasion to get together by the family at a festive table, to break eggs, to give cakes, greeting each other with traditional phrases: "Christ is risen!" - "Truly risen!".

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