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Bath for Baby Bona is absolutely necessary

The toy industry has been growing in recent timesmakes an emphasis on strange characters. More recently, the protest was called Barbie, which now seems quite harmless. On sale now, monsters and monsters with one or three eyes.

Against the backdrop of this revelry of fantasy producersmany parents began to treat toys much more closely. Information about the influence of toys on the psyche of the child is popular, moms and dads are seriously thinking how to protect their children from such heroes. The problem is really serious, because the ban will not work here, it is necessary to choose a completely different tactic.

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Pups for the girl

Fortunately, there are still commercially available and traditionaltoys: puppets and dolls for girls. And these are the toys of famous and prestigious companies. Perhaps the most famous brand on the Russian market was Baby Bean dolls. They are great quality puppies with different functions. There are big ones who eat and drink, for which horns and real diapers are needed, and there are smaller models. These dolls swim when they get into the water, and they have a special bath for Baby Bona.

Accessories warm up interest

To each doll there is clothing correspondingsize range and even shoes. But is it worth buying such a doll and buying accessories for it? If the parents want their daughter to play in the dolls, they will have to constantly buy clothes, kangaroo, a bath for Baby Bean should take a place in a real adult bathroom, and a toy carriage to stand in the hallway, as if the baby really lives in the house.

Pleases, however, that all these accessories are madequalitatively. For example, a bath for Baby Bona is equipped not only with a shower, but even with some kind of a Jacuzzi. The cot does not fall apart in the second week, and the wheelchair wheels keep well for many months.

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Now it's a family member

Carried away by the game, the girl begins to carry with herhis doll everywhere. She not only puts her with her at the table, but also in a special chair for dolls on the wheel of a bicycle, takes in the car and travels to the south.

It turns out that the bath for Baby Bon is perfectit is necessary, it is necessary to buy in time glasses or summer shorts. Perhaps, such enthusiasm is annoying. "Why bother with this, it's just a doll," some will say. In fact, in this way, the girl fulfills her most important social role: the role of the mother. Bathroom for a Baby Bean doll or buying a sneaker for your plastic baby with accumulated pocket money is just a rehearsal of real care for your child. And absolutely necessary rehearsal.

Unfortunately, not all girls have the opportunityfeel like a real mom. After all, many parents go on about modern fashion and unreasonable requests of the baby and buy not an ordinary doll, and Bratz or even worse: a doll from a modern series of monsters. And the girl gets into the hands of a non-touching baby who needs care and a diaper, but a broken girl looking for adventure. Then, instead of a bath for Baby Bean dolls or traditional feeding, rehearsals for future parenting, the girl will dress up in heels and select a boyfriend for his doll.

bathroom for baby boom doll

The opinion about the role of women in the modern world is changing. But the child's psyche should be formed correctly. Therefore, do not neglect the advice of psychologists and mindlessly buy toys for children.

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