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Choose knee pads for dancing: style, comfort and safety

A human organism necessarily needs a regularexercise stress. Of course, this does not mean that everyone as one should go into professional football or start boxing. Very many with this purpose resort to an interesting and fun occupation, one of the oldest arts in the world - namely, to dances.

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Now anyone of any age can chooseone of the many styles: classical ballroom dances, incendiary Latin American, modern, jazz, kontemp, strip dance ... In short, the choice is simply huge. Each studio makes certain demands regarding the form for classes. However, there are things that are more likely to be desirable than mandatory. First of all, this category includes knee pads for dancing.

It so happened that exactly the most mobile parts(namely, the knees and elbows) during the lessons are most at risk. It's a shame when, due to an absurd accident and the resulting injury, a person must forever forget about his favorite hobby. Selectively wired knee pads help to avoid many problems. They prevent the joints from "kneading", allow to save the knee in case of unsuccessful movement, and also strengthen the ligament apparatus. The usual fixation of such a result can not be given. Injury can be obtained in many cases: in the "risk zone" - any movement involving the quadriceps muscle of the hip, the "eight", "rocking", especially sharp hip movements and even squats. That's why the knee pads are a must.

There are several basic criteria that should be considered when choosing knee pads.

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The first and most important among them is, of course,the same, size. If the knee pads do not fit you in size, the risk of injury will increase significantly. It is accepted to allocate four standard sizes (1 - the smallest, 4 - the largest).

Great importance also has materials,used to make these accessories. Preference is given to natural and semi-natural materials that can pass air, give the skin "breathe". At the same time, they must be wear-resistant in order to withstand the most active workouts.

Do not forget about freedom. After all, dance is the self-expression of a person, the song of his body. It is best to choose an elastic knee that will reliably protect your wearer from injuries, but will not restrain his movements and, therefore, adversely affect the result.

It is important that the knee pads are tightadhered to the skin. Before buying this or that model, be sure to walk in it for 1-2 minutes. Ideally, after this pair of minutes, you should not feel the presence of the knee pad at all. If you clearly feel the place where it is, or experience discomfort, this model clearly does not suit you.

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As for where to buy the knee pads, thenYou can do this both in a regular store and on the Internet. To buy with the help of the World Wide Web is recommended only in cases where you have already used the products of a particular manufacturer and know exactly what you need (after all, until you deliver, you will not be able to try on the product). Use only official websites of manufacturers. Another option is to purchase knee pads in a specialized professional goods store for dancers and athletes.

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