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Yarn "Semenovskaya": assortment, reviews of knitting masters

Now in stores, especially on the Internetthousands of models of clothes are offered. But masters of knitting prefer not to buy ready, but to create something of their own, special, in which you can put effort and soul. Yarn "Semenovskaya" was created just to help translate any of your fantasy and do things that can not be bought in any store in the world. There are many manufacturers of knitting yarns and even more varieties of this seemingly unpretentious product. In particular, the yarn "Semenovskaya" is produced in a factory in Moscow, but it is known all over the world. What is so good about our domestic threads? And are all their species equally worthy of attention? Let's understand.

yarn Semenovskaya

What kind of yarn to choose?

The one who knits a long time, buying the thread, at firstpays attention to their quality, tries them to the touch, because the thread is thin, thick, soft, rough, tender, creaky and so on. Beginners are most of all guided by the color, figuring out how the intended thing will look. Of course, this is a very important criterion for choosing this product, which is taken into account by the brand manufacturers "Semenovskaya yarn". The colors of the threads they have from the classic (white, red, black, blue) to the most subtle tones and halftones (olive, fuchsia, pistachio, dozens of others). In addition, there are threads of two or more colors. This is mélange yarn. But to focus only on the color is wrong. Each skein has a label, and on it are written the weight, the length of twisted threads in it, their composition and even the number of spokes, which it is preferable to knit. For example, a 100-gram skein of fine thread can be more than 1000 meters, and a thick one - only about 100 meters. Accordingly, in the first case, thin needles (N less than, for example, a two or three), or the thread will need to be folded twice or three times, and in the second case, thick needles (no more, for example, a dozen).

Semenovskaya yarn reviews
The weight of produced skeins can be from 50 grams andup to kilogram bobbins, which are taken for machine knitting. No less important when choosing and the composition of the thread. The yarn "Semenovskaya" is produced 100% natural (wool, cotton, linen), 100% artificial (acrylic, viscose, polyester) and in various proportions of natural and artificial fibers. Some prefer a completely natural thread, because they are more useful for health, but now absolutely harmless artificial fibers are made. In addition, if the thread is acrylic or viscose, the product is more soft and pleasant for the skin. In addition to classic threads, there is a Semenovskaya yarn with a sparkle called "Spark", as well as several types designed specifically for toddlers.

Yarn for winter

Agree, most often knit clothing isfor the cold seasons. The "Semenovskaya" yarn is suitable for making blouses, sweaters, hats, skirts, jackets, cardigans, even coats from it. Beginners learn to knit scarves from it. Loops are always the same, the pattern is well "read", and the product comes out light and airy in appearance. "Semenovskaya" yarn, reviews about which are only positive, are issued under different names, and mostly they are female names - Olga, Natalia, Lidia, Lada, Irina, Lisa.

Semenovskaya yarn of color
Several species are called cute andgently - "Birch", "Grandma's sock", "Aelita". If the thread is 100% woolen, the label "CHS" is written on the label, which means "pure wool". There are also threads in which artificial fibers make up 5% or so, and the rest can be pure camel or sheep's wool. But knitting masters prefer to work with yarn, in which artificial and natural fibers are roughly half-and-half. Then on the label should be written "PN", which means "half-wool." Things from such threads turn out to be warm, as well as from natural, plus gentle, soft and durable.

Yarn for summer

For summer clothes also available in variousvariants "Semenovskaya" yarn. Customer reviews say that things from it, and this can be summer blouses, t-shirts, panamas, sundresses, as well as household items - tablecloths, napkins, curtains, bedspreads - are obtained airy light and beautiful. The summer ruler is also represented by threads made entirely of natural fibers (linen, bamboo, cotton), made of artificial fibers (viscose, polyester) and mixed, in which natural and artificial fibers can be combined in different proportions. The threads "Aelita", "Dubrava", "Ivushka", "Parus", "Kosichka", "Coble", "Peasant" are very popular.

Semenovskaya yarn shop at the factory


Very fond of knitting lovers"Semenovskaya" yarn. The store at the factory located in Moscow along Izmaylovskaya Street, house number 5, as well as branches located on Nakhimovsky Avenue, house No. 26 and Polar Street, house number 33, do not have time to replenish their shelves. Yarn is popular due to its qualities:

- in coils of a thread of one thickness, without ruptures and nodules;

- Large selection of colors;

- low price;

- things from "Semenovskaya" yarn do not shed and do not stretch if they are washed in the appropriate mode;

- products are worn for many years without significant changes in the original form.

There are practically no comments on the quality of the yarn. There is only a slight slide in the finished products on the sleeves.

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