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Stroller for Smoby dolls. How to choose: description, assortment, reviews

Girls start to imitate theirmoms, so the desired gift for them will be dolls and any toy analogues of things that parents use, including a stroller for dolls. Smoby is a European company producing toys for children, harmoniously combining safety, style and practicality.

stroller for dolls Smoby

Reasons for popularity

The company has won world fame and is in demand in the market of children's goods for many reasons. What is so good stroller from Smoby?

  • Complete identity between real models and toys for kids.
  • Bright, fashionable design.
  • Use in production only safe hypoallergenic raw materials.
  • An extensive selection of strollers and related products from a certain series to embody the whole puppet world.


All wheelchairs produced by this company can be divided into three main groups:

  1. Classic version with a cradle, for example, Hello Kitty, Frozen Heart, Landau Calin, etc.
  2. Transformers 2 in 1, 3 in 1. The bright representatives of the line are the stroller for dolls Quinny Smoby and models of the collection Maxi Cosi.
  3. Walking variant: copies of Roxanne, Baby Nurse, etc.

In addition to wheelchairs, the company creates a series of toys,executed in a single design. A similar set includes one or more dolls, a stroller, a cradle for a puppet or a bed decorated with a canopy, a kitchen, a feeding kit and many other accessories to choose from.

stroller for dolls Quinny Smoby

Very much in demand using the series BabyNurse, as well as the line Minikiss, which is focused on the smallest and attractive in that the toy carriage is also a walker. If it is planned that the Smoby stroller will be a favorite toy for a long time, it's worth looking at models with adjustable handles.

Almost all the strollers in the assembled form resemble a cane, so they are convenient to store or carry in your hands for a walk.


The stroller for Smoby 3 in 1 dolls easily turns from a classic model for newborns to a walking version and to a carry-cot. She has:

  • a robust plastic frame with 4 wheels fitted with rubber tires;
  • a removable cradle;
  • A seat belt protecting the doll from falling out;
  • a basket for products, where the baby can put down her favorite toys and doll accessories;
  • folding hood made of textile;
  • non-slip and sturdy handle;
  • light and reliable metal frame;
  • rubberized front wheels that rotate 360 ​​°.

stroller for dolls Smoby 3 in 1

Such transforming models, no doubt,like girls, because they give the opportunity to diversify the game, to invent new scenarios for role-playing games. For example, to beat the growing up of a favorite doll, transplanting it from a stroller for newborns to a walking version. Stroller for dolls Smoby Maxi Cosi, created for riding two puppies at the same time, will help the child to play plots with twins or with a brother and sister on a walk.

Stroller for Smoby dolls: reviews

Most of the buyers whose reviewsvarious, bought a stroller as an additional accessory to the Smoby doll. Children are very happy with the gift, and the parents themselves note the following pluses of the toy:

  • high reliability;
  • practicality, since the seat is easy to remove and wash. It even looks like new after a lot of washing;
  • nice appearance, the toy is very similar to a real stroller;
  • all the details of the models of transformers are securely attached, easily disassembled and assembled;
  • very comfortable rubberized handles;
  • light, but maneuverable.

stroller for dolls Smoby maxi cosi

Children like to sometimes sit themselves instead of a doll ina toy wheelchair, therefore users with especial pleasure underline, that the carriage for dolls Smoby is capable to sustain weight even the three-year child.

Buyers did not like the lack of somemodels of stroller fastenings for dolls. This is an inconvenience to children when playing and for walking. Therefore, it is necessary to know in more detail all the features of the chosen model, so that in the future not be disappointed in the purchase.

Correctly assembled and balanced stroller fromfirm Smoby easily rolls on any floor and on the street. At the same time, it is stable, it has a special strength and durability. Bearing parts of strollers are made of super-strong plastic, which can easily withstand the weight of the child. The baby with her friends will be happy to carry and rock your favorite dolls in a wheelchair or cradle from Smoby for more than a year.

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