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Baby Care GT4: Features and description

With the appearance of the baby in the family with the parentsa lot of worries appear. Mom and Dad have to choose for the newborn a lot of things, the most important of which are a cot and, of course, a stroller. Nowadays, manufacturers offer different models of children's transport: cradles, transformers, walking devices, walking sticks and strollers. You can choose this product in accordance with your taste and material possibilities.

In this article we will talk about the baby transport Baby Care GT4. Let's consider what characteristics of this wheelchair, pluses and minuses. Also find out what people think about it, who bought it for their children.

baby care gt4

Stroller Baby Care GT4

This model can be bought in a store or online. It has four wheels, the front two are swivel. If necessary, they can be fixed in one position.

The stroller is designed for children from six months to three years. The maximum weight that the device withstands is 20 kilograms. That's why this transport is suitable even for fat children.


Transport for children Baby Care GT4 has variouscolors: red, purple, green, colored and others. The buyer can choose what he likes best. Also, the color range can be matched to the gender of the baby.

The handle at the stroller can be of different types. Baby Care GT4 has two separate holders. On them, if necessary, you can hang a bag or bag. Handles have a rubberized coating. This makes it easier to control the stroller and does not allow the palm to slide over the handle.

The Baby Care GT4 Plus stroller has a single handle. Due to this, the parent can operate the transport with one hand. Also, with such a handle, the stroller goes straight, without changing the trajectory.

The seat of a stroller

The device has a deep seat. The stroller can be used at any time of the year. The child even in a voluminous overalls in the winter will feel free in his vehicle. In summer, when the street is very hot, the inner part of the stroller will not constrain the movements of the baby, thanks to this, good air circulation in the back area of ​​the child.

For those children who like to sleep in the fresh air, a folding seat is created. Many strollers have this device, but not at all the backrest reclines so much.

The manufacturer offers you three positionsstrollers: sitting, reclining and lying down. During the sleep of the baby, you can expand the seat by 170 degrees. In addition, the lower part of the stroller rises. Thanks to this, a full-bodied sleeping place is created for the child. Your baby will feel so comfortable, as if he is resting in his crib.

baby care gt4 plus

Shopping basket

In the bottom of the stroller there is a special mesh basket. In it you can lay down various purchases or toys for the child. It should be noted that this basket can withstand weight not more than three kilograms.

If you have a heavier load, you can hang it on the handle.

Folding mechanism

Despite the fact that the stroller is spaciousa place for a child and a large shopping basket, it is quite light and maneuverable. It is folded with one hand. This is very convenient for moms, who often have to walk with the child alone. You no longer have to ask for help from passers-by. Now you can hold the baby with one hand and put the baby carriage together.

The mechanism of addition is a cane. After assembly, you can put the stroller in the trunk of the car or put the house in the hallway.

stroller baby care gt4

Additional Items

Stroller Baby Care GT4 reviews has very good,including, and thanks to the accessory kit attached to it. The manufacturer produces a tight and wide raincoat, which reliably protects the child from getting wet. The protective device is fastened to the visor of transport with a lightning bolt.

Also attached to the stroller is a cape on the legschild. It is made of dense insulated material. If you get a drop of rain, dirt or snow on it, they are easily cleaned off with a damp sponge. The cloak will be an ideal addition to winter walks. During the ride, your baby's legs will be tightly covered and protected from frost and dirt.

Baby Carriage GT4 Visor, Parent Reviewsthis is confirmed, is very convenient. So, mothers using this model, argue that the hood drops to the bumper. It is very convenient in windy weather or during rain. Also, the visor protects against the scorching sun in the summer, not allowing the tender skin of the baby to burn. The hood is raised and lowered almost noiselessly. This allows you not to wake the sleeping child.

baby care gt4 reviews

Washing and cleaning

It is impossible not to say about the convenience of cleaning the stroller. The interior of the seat is removed. It can be machine-washed in manual mode.

The wheels can also be removed if necessary. The upper surface of the running gear is plastic. Thanks to this, the wheels can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

Raincoat and cape on the legs are easy to cleanwet sponge. It is enough to wipe the parts and dry them. The lower basket is removed from the chassis and washed under running water. Fastening of a bag for purchases is carried out by means of rivets.


Dimensions of the stroller

As already mentioned, very maneuverable and lightis Baby Care GT4. Feedback from parents who use this model, say that it is placed even in the cabin of a small car. In the expanded position, the stroller dimensions are as follows: length 87 cm, height 103 cm, width 51 cm.

Its undoubted advantage is that the handle is adjustable depending on the growth of the parent. The weight of this child's vehicle with all the constituent elements is 10 kilograms.

Baby Carriage GT4 will be a great help in caring for your baby. You will be delighted with this walking gear and never want to change it to any other model.

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