/ How to clean a hookah? Tips for taking care of the hookah at home

How to clean a hookah? Tips for taking care of the hookah at home

Pastime for smoking hookah incompany of friends or the other half - the idea is very fashionable now. However, the owners of such accessories often postpone them after use to the side directly - with the remains of tobacco in the bowl, soot in the flask, the shaft and the hose. This approach is fundamentally wrong. If you want a smoking device to please you for a long time, you should know how to clean the hookah and how to store it properly. About this and talk further.

Why wash a hookah at all?

Regular cleaning of the hookah is necessary for two reasons:

  1. Care for the device itself. Without proper care and proper storage, the hookah will quickly become unusable. Remains of tobacco and soot with each smoking session will literally "grow" to the components of the device. If they are not cleaned, the hoses and shaft will quickly die. Also, instead of fragrant smoke, you will have to wait for a musty smell with impurities of dust and mold. Far from bright prospects, right? So you should definitely find out how to properly clean the hookah.
  2. Taking care of your health. From smoking hookah, we all want to have fun, but no harm to health. But this is exactly what awaits those who will use a dirty and dusty device. Pieces of tobacco and soot left on the hookah parts after previous smoking sessions, along with smoke, will enter your lungs. It's good if you just get rid of a cough. Therefore, carefully read the article further and remember how to clean the hookah at home.

Necessary Tools and Tools

  1. Ershik with a short natural bristle (0.5 - 1.5 cm).
  2. Clean kitchen sponge.
  3. Soft cloth.
  4. Soda, lemon juice, kitchen salt - that there is a farm.
  5. A large amount of running water - cold and hot.

How to clean a hookah: care for all the details of the device

So, we have already realized that it is not enough simply buy a hookah and quality smoking blends to getin his piggy bank an excellent idea for leisure. You need to be able to look after the device. Its main parts are a bowl, a flask, a shaft and a hose (one or more). Let's figure out how to wash a hookah, paying attention to all its details.

  • Bowl. Wait until it cools, then remove the foil. Then, using a sponge, remove the remaining tobacco from the bowl. If they do not keep up so easily, soak the part in hot water for 5 minutes, then again grasp the sponge.
  • Flask. Here to help you brush and running water. Can I wash a hookah with household chemicals? In no case! Even after a long rinse, details of the detergents remain on the parts, which means that the obsessive aftertaste of soap when smoking is provided to you. And that's not speaking about harm to health. So we stock up the usual baking soda and thoroughly clean the flask with a brush.
  • Hoses. Pay attention to what they are made of. If it's plastic, then washing is allowed. If the hoses are plated, the cleaning should only be dry, as contact with water will cause rust. So, in the first case 10-20 minutes we pass through the hose a jet of water with a good head. In the second - blowing air or cleaning the brush. Suitable and fishing line with a piece of sponge or cloth attached to its end.
  • Mine. Here again, grasp the brush and carefully clean the channels. If the brush does not, you can drive more hot water through the shaft. Just do not scald your hands!

After such simple manipulations, your smokingapparatus become as good as new. We hope, now it is clear to you how to wash a hookah. Carry out this procedure at least every 5-6 sessions of smoking, and even better - after each use.

After cleaning, be sure to wait for the fulldrying out all the details. Collect them wet in a single construction can not! And in general, experts recommend storing hookah in disassembled form. Put a dense material inside the bulb, for example the same "pimply" film. She also wraps the flask and the outside. Shaft wrap in a soft cloth. Place the hose in the box so that it does not bend or twist. Cover the box with a lid so that dust does not settle on the part.

Observe these recommendations for the care of hookah, and it will give you a unique feeling many more times!

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