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Do you know why tomatoes turn black?

All gardeners dream of a good harvest of tomatoes. But sometimes brown spots and rot reduce all the work to naught. Usually this happens in August - when the plant appears green fruit. Why do the tomatoes turn black? Let's figure this out.

Late blight and gray rot

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Spores of fungus phytophthora have enough water droplets forgermination, therefore in the period of risk (July-August) tomatoes are watered at the root. Leaves and fruits should not get wet. If the disease has affected plants, then daily it is necessary to remove diseased fruits and leaves, folding them outside the garden plot. This will prevent the spread of late blight. In addition, the ventilation and illumination of crops improves, which also has a negative effect on the fungus.

If the tomatoes turn black from below, then this is gray rot. This disease is spread with calcium deficiency in shoots or excessive soil acidity. Another option for the appearance of gray rot is the wrong dose of fertilizers when fertilizing.

Prevention of diseases

tomatoes turn black from below

For the prevention of disease should be aware of thisconcept, as a crop rotation. It implies that tomatoes can not be planted next to potatoes and on the area where peppers or potatoes grew. They also can not be left in their place: in the old bed they should appear in 4 years.

Why black tomatoes and how to prevent thisprocess? This is the main issue of gardeners. You should know that for planting tomatoes you need to choose sites with good light, ventilated from all sides. A rare planting scheme will also protect the plant from the spread of diseases, since bright sunlight is fatal for fungi.

100% protection of plants from disease is not,because a person does not control the weather, and the spores of late blight develop in a moist environment. Why do black tomatoes turn black? This is the manifestation of the above disease. To prevent it, you need to exclude abundant watering. If the site is small, then water the tomatoes with warm water, which was preheated in the sun. When fertilizing, you need to consider the application rates of fertilizers.

Agrotechnical activities

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Why black tomatoes, if the site is selectedcorrect, and the conditions are all met? The fact is that the disease develops where it is warm, humid and windless. To destroy the environment that is favorable for the fungus, plants need to be planted and tie the stems to stakes or trellises.

From the ground to the bottom leaves should be about 30cm - this will ensure the proper ventilation of the soil. Pasynkovanie and pinching accelerate the growth and maturation of fruits, so the harvest can be collected before the development of late blight. Gardeners also spray bushes with salted warm water, and at the first signs of infection - a one-percent Bordeaux liquid.

So we answered the question about why blackstomatoes. The main thing is to remember that the fungus loves heat, moisture. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct all preventive and agrotechnical measures in a timely manner and observe the conditions for growing tomatoes.

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