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Mini-tractor "Uralets" - affordable universal equipment

One of the most popular mini tractors produced in Russia is Uralets. This is a technique of universal purpose, which is necessary for subsidiary and farming enterprises, as well as for housing and utilities companies.

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In agriculture, the Uralets tractor is used for plowing and cultivating land, harvesting hay and transporting goods. Utilities with its help clean the area of ​​snow and debris.

For this, the tractor sells an individualthe hinged equipment. These are plows, cultivators, mowers, rakes, a snow scraper, a sweeping brush, and a convenient and compact cart.

Uralets tractor: specifications

mini tractor uralec

The main modifications of the described technique differ in power - it ranges from 16 to 22 horsepower. The remaining technical characteristics are almost the same:

  • weight - 900-1000 kg;
  • rear drive;
  • cabin is missing;
  • gear wheel transmission;
  • PTO with a speed of 540;
  • forward 6 speeds, back - 2.

In the "Urals" there is basically no GUR, but there ismodel with GUR. The engine is diesel, two-cylinder. The production of these tractors is constantly being modified, so there are some new items on the market every now and then. For example, the installation of equipment for skiing or various blockers.

Tractor "Uralets" has a battery with a highstarting current and heating plugs, which allows you to start the engine even at 25 degrees below zero, with a guarantee. This is helped to a considerable extent by high-quality antifreeze and motor oil used in this type of equipment.

Where is the tractor manufactured?

Production of mini tractors "Uralets" and hingedequipment is handled by LLC "Tractor". "Uralets" is their registered trademark. In the PSM, it is stated that the manufacturer of this technology is OOO "Tractor". But on the plate attached to the hood, it is written that it is manufactured in China. This is done so that some parts of the hull are delivered from abroad with low customs duties.

Annually OOO "Tractor" produces 2000mini tractors - this indicates a large-scale production. All of them are completely assembled in Russia in the city of Chelyabinsk from domestic components. "Uralets" is very common in Russia, and especially in the Urals region.

Advantages of the mini-tractor Uralets

tractor for the house price uralec

Why are consumers so willing to choose exactly the brand described? Let's figure it out.

  1. One of the main advantages of the tractor forhousehold - price. "Uralets" is currently the cheapest, affordable mini-tractor. Depending on the modification and configuration, its cost varies from 187 000 rubles to 305 000 rubles. At such a low price, it is simply unique in its performance. Therefore, this technique has the fastest payback, in comparison with other models.
  2. Spare parts for the tractor is always available. They do not change, and therefore, for many years to come, you can be sure that the "Uralets" will always be repaired by inexpensive spare parts. Every year more and more components are replaced with Russian ones.
  3. The tractor is very reliable. It starts without problems at the lowest temperatures. Technical parameters are completely balanced, this makes it safe in operation, maintaining high efficiency.
  4. Everything is done in order to make "Uralets" even easier to manage, more reliable and more economical in work. Modified and modified and attachments.
  5. The intermediary firms that sell the tractor provide its warranty and technical support and advice to the buyer.

Thus, when choosing a technique for personal part-time farming or public utility services, one should pay attention to the domestic mini-tractor Uralets. He is worthy of it.

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