/ How many packs of A4 paper are in the box? Types of paper, density, packing

How many A4 paper packages are in the box? Types of paper, density, packing

The main users of office paper arePrivate and public institutions, in which there is a large workflow. In order to calculate correctly, what amount of money should be allocated to purchase it, you need to know the amount of expenditure and understand how many A4 paper packages are in the box.

Standard Quantity

how many in a box of packs of paper a4

At the majority of manufacturers the packaging is standardized. But sometimes the number of sheets in the pack is different, which means that the number of packages in the box will be different. It depends on the density and its kind.

For example, if you talk about how many packs of paper A4 in the box "Snow Maiden", you need to start with the density of paper. The products of this manufacturer, it is 80 g / m2.

Such a density is considered optimal - itrather dense, and the text does not appear through double-sided printing, but not too much, which allows you to keep a low cost. The number of sheets in one package is usually 500 units, and in a box there are five such packs.

how many packs of paper a4 in the box Snow Maiden

Other quantity

When there are no special strict requirements for highdensity sheets because of the desire to save you can consider products with more modest quality characteristics, the cost of which is lower. How many A4 paper bags can there be in a box at a lower paper density? For example, if its index is 60 g / m2 instead of the generally accepted standard, then one more packing will fit in the box. And all of them will be 6 pieces.

Not all consumers need a large numbersheets, so there are packages with fewer sheets. They can be, for example, 100 or 250. In factories where they make, cut and pack paper, such quantity is not found in the bundle. They are standardly packaged on 500 units, and a smaller number is the result of repackaging. But because of the need for additional labor costs, its value is slightly higher than the standard.

Unusual paper

In addition to the white office paper useddaily, sometimes there is a need for non-standard forms. It can be colored, photo- or very thick paper. Because of the high cost and lack of the need to purchase a large number of packages in the box contains not as much as packs of A4 paper in the box of the "Bluebot". This is due to a different packing of sheets, a special kind of paper is much smaller.

how many packs of paper a4 in the blueprint box

One package contains 20, 50 or 100 sheetsphoto paper. If this is not a professional photo studio, it is unlikely that someone needs more, so they are not bought by boxes. The average density of the standard sheet is about 200 g / m2. Paper with a density of more than 300 g / m2 is used even less often, which is why sometimes one sheet is sold.

Color paper can be of the same density asordinary office white color. Therefore, you can purchase one package with 500 sheets. So, it will be the same amount as in a box of A4 paper packs of white. Due to the fact that the need for multi-colored paper is not so great, sheets of different shades are usually packed in one package.

If in special cases you need a very tight,designer or other non-standard paper, then it is usually sold in small volumes. Because of the large expense of office paper in the daily life of the office, it is more convenient to purchase it in boxes. And how many A4 packets of paper in the box will depend on the number of sheets in the pack and their density.

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