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The largest companies in Moscow for cleaning are the guarantors of cleanliness in the home and office

Order a quality cleaning house or office,apartment or shopping center can be, if the right approach to the process of selecting a company that provides such services. The largest cleaning companies in Moscow are ready to put order in the room. The guarantee will be the popularity of the company and a well-known name.

List of Companies

Many are afraid to negotiate with little-knownfirms that provide cleaning services. Most are willing to pay a little more expensive, but be calm and for the safety of their property, and for the quality of the services provided.

Trust is enjoyed by such a firm as "AbsoluteCleaning Service ». People stop their choice after learning that its personnel serves such giants as Domodedovo airport, business centers Chaika Plaza 1-2-3, Smolensky Passage, the largest development companies in Moscow and many auto concerns . The company renders not only services for daily cleaning of premises and adjoining territory, but also establishes the work of ventilation, air conditioning, and heating systems.

The largest companies in Moscow

The company "KlintStar" is known for serving the McDonalds network. The company employs more than 3000 people. And the company constantly expands the list of its services.

No less popular is the firm«Diana-Office-Service». If you are looking for the largest international companies in Moscow, then pay attention to this organization. She was able to join the International Professional Organization, which unites the cleaning companies of the world.

Range of services

Each cleaning company gives an opportunityTo its clients independently to be defined with the list of necessary works. They can only offer to make their own adjustments. So, the largest companies in Moscow offer such a list of basic services:

  • daily and general cleaning of premises;
  • cleaning after the completion of repair work;
  • washing windows;
  • cleaning of carpets and textile products by special means;
  • care for floor coverings: crystallization, waxing, washing.
    The largest cleaning companies in Moscow

All companies equip employees with the necessaryitems for cleaning and cleaning products. If there are additional requests, they should be announced before signing the contract with the discussion of payment for each service.

Additional Features

The largest companies in Moscow, as a rule, do notare not from any cleaning works. They have specialists who are able to clear all your table silver and crystal, wash the chandeliers and tidy up any glass surfaces.

A separate line in the contract also indicates the need for general cleaning in the bathrooms. Work can consist of the usual cleaning of surfaces or cleaning of sewage sinks.

Rating of the largest companies in Moscow

Additional services can be:

  • disinfection of surfaces;
  • carrying out disinsection work;
  • care for plants;
  • deratization;
  • dry cleaning of carpets, upholstered furniture, curtains;
  • cleaning of mattresses.

This is not a complete list of what the largest companies in Moscow that are engaged in cleaning can offer you.

Rating of companies

If you want to choose a company that can be entrusted with the cleaning of your mansion, apartment or firm, you can rely on reviews. The trust of ordinary people is enjoyed by such companies:

  1. "Tiragore Holding" has been working for more than 10 years. They are attentive to the procedure for recruiting staff, and this guarantees excellent quality of services. The company has concluded contracts with many state, commercial organizations, and with private clients.
  2. Employees of the company "Almin Cleaning Service" can remove not only your house or company, but also the surrounding territory. They have been working since 1995, the list of services they provide is constantly increasing.
  3. Absolute Cleaning Service is not knownonly by serving giant companies. This is one of the most stable working companies, which performs all cleaning work using the latest technologies and cleaning means.
    The largest international companies in Moscow

But, in addition to the cleaning giants beingthe leaders of the market, in the capital you can find many other companies. Of course, you can choose a company, focusing on the rating of the largest companies in Moscow, and you can simply find it on the advice of friends or reviews of ordinary people.

Company selection rules

Deciding to conclude a contract for cleaning, it is important sogo to the search for the company you need, then not be disappointed and not regret about the money spent. Of course, well-known firms guarantee that their employees will clean at the highest level. But their services can hardly be called cheap. If you are looking for budget options, it is advisable to choose the lesser known firms. In this case, it is desirable to focus on the feedback of their customers. It's better if someone from your acquaintances advises such a company.

At the conclusion of the first contract it is possible to learn notonly a list of services provided by the firm, but also to find out what equipment they have available. Also you can ask what kind of household chemistry they use. But remember, the cost of services can not be too low.

Important nuances

When selecting a cleaning company, you canfocus on customer feedback. The largest companies in Moscow value their reputation, so they are very attentive to the selection of employees. Recruiters take into account their reputation and experience. They purchase expensive units for cleaning, choose the best household chemicals. This determines the cost of their services.

The largest development companies in Moscow

Small firms, trying to get customers,set lower prices. But start-up companies have a small assortment of harvesting units and no equipment that is considered common for large companies. It should be understood that a rag, a bucket and a universal cleaning agent will not help to make a professional general cleaning.

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