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How to plant a strawberry? How to choose a site?

The yield of berry crops largely depends on thecompliance with the rules of landing. Many gardeners do not know how to properly plant strawberries, so as a result disappointed even in the best varieties. To get juicy and large berries, you need to take care of the plant very well: pick up a site, fertilize, water, etc. It should be taken into account that strawberry likes loose, structured soils rich in nutrients. The earth should be rested, best of all, if before that, cereals, cereals or legumes grew on it. Worse things are with the representatives of Solanaceae. If strawberries grew earlier on the site, then at least three years must pass before returning it.

how to plant strawberries correctly
Berry crops are heavily damaged by larvaedifferent insects. Therefore, it is important to know not only how to properly plant strawberries, but also how to prepare the soil. If the site is located near wild fields or plantations, then in the ground there may be larvae of a wireworm or a May beetle. In this case, the territory should be dug up, choose pests manually or pour the soil with ammonia water in the calculation of 2 liters per 10 m2. With a high level of acidity, the soil shouldto proclaim. Strawberry loves space, so clogged areas with grass and other perennial weeds do not fit it. In extreme cases, it is necessary to choose the rhizomes beforehand, but chemical herbicides should not be used, because poisonous substances can be absorbed into berries.

It is important to know how to properly plantstrawberries, because it depends on it, it will take root in a new place. Plant berry crops usually seedlings in early spring or early autumn. If you adhere to all the rules of agricultural cultivation, then strawberries will bring the harvest in the first year. The soil should be not very wet, but not over-dried. It is best to plant seedlings in the soil in late August or early September, because a late planting can contribute to the death of plants.

how to plant a strawberry photo
In order for the plant to take root, it is important to know howplant a strawberry. Photos of the sites of other gardeners will help determine the location of the berry culture in the territory. For planting it is necessary to select seedlings with a healthy root system. Densely to place bushes is not recommended. Many gardeners are interested in how beautifully to plant strawberries. To do this, follow the following scheme: the rows should be made about 80-100 cm wide, and planted in a row 30 cm apart.

how to plant a strawberry beautifully
Two days before planting, the seedlings should be kept incool place. If the plot is not pre-fertilized beforehand, then ash, humus, peat should be put directly into the wells. The earth should be moist, but not wet. You can plant seedlings and dry ground, but then you must water it. In order for plants to take root, it is important to know how to properly plant strawberries. Roots should be placed vertically, their length should not exceed 9 cm. The root neck should be placed in one level with the ground. During the first two weeks, the plants should be watered frequently to keep the soil moist, then the beds can be mulched with hay.

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