/ What is a fine fuel filter and coarse separation?

What is a fine fuel filter and coarse separation?

The good work of a car depends not only onoperating conditions, but also from the fuel that the vehicle is refueling. In order to avoid excessive slagging of the engine, several stages of fuel cleaning are used. In cars, a fine fuel filter is installed, the replacement of which must be made in a timely manner, according to the schedule of the vehicle's technical inspection.

Heavy vehicles such as GAZ and ZIL are equipped withfilter-settler. This is a preliminary rough cleaning, which helps to get rid of large particles larger than 0.05 mm. A filter settler is located between the tank and the pump. With the same filter, preliminary cleaning of diesel fuel is carried out.

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The sump consists of a hull with a specialglass, which is fixed to the base of the tank with bolts through a gasket. Inside the glass, a filter is installed, which is collected from plates of low density. As a rule, it is aluminum or brass. The plates are made with protrusions of 0.05 mm and holes, so that the fuel can pass through the filter.

Protuberances are necessary to ensure thatplates created additional slots through which the fuel passes, while large impurities are retained and lowered to the bottom of the settler. The filtered fuel is drained through the fittings to the fuel pump.

After the fuel is freed from largeparticles, it must pass through fine filters. This is necessary in order to exclude the ingress of small impurities and water into the engine. A fine fuel filter is located between the pump and the carburetor.

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Structurally it is made of a casing withSpecial fittings that serve for supply and discharge of fuel. In the lower part of the body through a gasket, resistant to the effects of gasoline, a beaker is fixed for sludge. It contains a filter for fine fuel cleaning, which is made of a ceramic or brass mesh element with a spring.

The pump pumps fuel through the fittings under pressure. Gasoline falls into the sedimentation tank, in which the separation is carried out. Thus, water and impurities are separated from the gasoline, and the purified liquid passes through a fine fuel filter. Here, thanks to the elements of the device, the final separation is carried out, and the pipeline is retracted into a special float chamber.

The fuel system of the car must beairtight. Do not allow air, foreign liquids, dust or other abrasive particles to enter. Filters should be periodically changed or cleaned of accumulated slag. In this case, all connections are made by a special tool, and gasketed gaskets should be used at the junction points. Otherwise, the fuel will dissolve the gasket, it will start to decompose, and the integrity will be disturbed.

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It is recommended to refuel the vehicleproven companies. Saving on fuel quality will negatively affect the condition of the engine, and repairs will rise in even greater amounts. At the same time, the car should be serviced in a timely manner, since even the best fuel does not exclude slagging.

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