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T-70 - universal tractor tractor. Overview, specifications, photos

Agricultural machinery is expensivemachines, without which qualitative cultivation of fields and performance of other earthworks in large volumes is simply physically impossible. This article will go into detail about a highly specialized transport called the T-70 caterpillar tractor.

t 70 tractor

general information

This powerful machine was made onChisinau Tractor Plant, since 1974. T-70 - a tractor, which was created on the basis of its "colleague" MTZ-80 and did not have a large range of modifications. However, during the reconstruction and modernization of the wheel drive was replaced by a caterpillar, and many obsolete parts were completely removed. Not every person knows how this technique looks on the caterpillar track, which is used for processing vineyards and sugar beet crops. And, incidentally, this unit was even part of the expedition sent to the North Pole of our planet in the period 1978-1980.

Design features

T-70 - a tractor equipped with four-cylinderfour-stroke diesel engine D-241L, working with direct fuel injection and liquid cooling. The main engine is started directly from the driver's seat using an electric starter and a starting motor. In those cases where the ambient temperature is below -5 degrees Celsius, a special pre-heater P16E is activated.

tractor t 70


Tractor T-70 is made of a semi-frame, which, inin turn, consists of a pair of spars, connected with each other by the front bar. Also available - clutch, shift box, rear axle and final drives. The frame of the machine is sprung by means of four round transversely installed torsion bars (on the pair in front and behind).

Tractor T-70 is equipped with a friction clutch of the mainClutch, which has one disk and is constantly closed. Its connection to the input shaft of the gearbox is due to the coupling with the gear clutch. The friction-type clutch is controlled by the action of the pedal, the force of pressing of which is regulated by the included hydraulic booster.

As for the chassis, it is made oftrolley crawlers that support rollers, drive wheels, guide wheels and caterpillar chains. Crawler carriages deserve special attention, because they are made of hollow spars in cross section with a rectangular shape.

In addition, the T-70 - a tractor, in which the brakingThe system is represented by dry, ribbon elements installed on each side of the machine. In this case, the machine can be stopped both when moving forward, and when moving backwards. Brakes are controlled using pedals. To reduce the operating force applied to the levers of the system, hydraulic amplifiers are used.

The construction of the tractor also allows you to attach hinged and semi-mounted agricultural machines for various planned jobs.

 tractor t 70 photos


The T-70 tractor, whose photo is shown below,It is equipped with a closed metal cabin designed for two people. The driver's seat is equipped with an adjustable weight and height of the operator. Also in the presence of a rear-view mirror, glass cleaner, air cooler, heater, visors reflecting the sun's rays. In addition, for the convenience of the driver, there is a water thermos, a first aid kit, hooks for hanging clothes.

Features of operation

T-70 - tractor working during beet harvestingwith caterpillar chains 200 mm wide. A distinctive feature of these elements is that in the links there are special split bushings, which in case of their wear can both be rotated by 180 degrees and re-pressed. It is also convenient that, if necessary, it is possible to install caterpillar chains with a width of 300 mm.

tractor t 70 specifications

Positive and negative machine qualities

T-70 is endowed with a whole range of advantages, among which:

  • An impressive traction force.
  • Excellent cross-country ability.
  • Safe and trouble-free operation on slopes.
  • Efficiency of operation.
  • Great functionality potential.

In addition, often wheeled tractorsvery strongly press on the underlying surface, causing thereby its degradation. And the T-70 caterpillars do not have such a disadvantage, they act on the ground gently and neatly, which ensures the preservation of all useful properties of the soil.

An important nuance: the T-70 moves its weight with effort, twice less than it is required for the wheeled model. In this regard, the daily fuel economy will be about 19%.

The disadvantages of the same machine can be attributedthe complexity of repair in the event of a breakdown and limited movement over the hard surface, in which the driver will feel any unevenness on the road, and this issue can not solve even the seat with the springs.

 crawler tractor t 70

Technical characteristics of the tractor

  • The length of the machine is 3330 mm.
  • The width is 1650 mm.
  • The height is 2970 mm.
  • The distance from the underlying surface (ground clearance) is 460 mm.
  • The total weight is 4000 kg.
  • Specific ground pressure indicator - 0.7 kgf / cm2.
  • Traction effort (nominal) - 2000 kgf.
  • The number of forward gears is 8.
  • Two gears are used for the reverse.
  • Transmission of mechanical type.
  • Engine power - 78 liters. from.
  • Number of cylinders - 4 pcs.
  • The magnitude of the torque is 12 Nm.
  • The maximum forward speed is 11 km / h.
  • The limiting speed of moving back is 4.86 km / h.

Tractor T-70, the characteristics of which are described in the article, optimally combined the economy, convenience of operation and reliability.

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