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gas 24 v8 - the legend of the USSR

"Volga" series 24 is a prestigious carclass, which came to replace GAZ 21. The brainchild of the Gorky Automobile Plant was produced for more than twenty years, from 1969 to 1992. In the sixties of the last century, the Volga model of the third generation gradually became obsolete and required improvements. Such a car was the model 24.

gas 24 v8

Appearance of the legendary "twenty-four"contained features of American cars of the late 50-ies of the last century. At the same time, Gorky engineers created a completely unique design, not stolen or copied from American counterparts. The design of the car was completely original. Against the background of foreign cars of the 1970s, the fourth generation Volga was quite modern. It is worth noting that in the exterior of the car there are some borrowings from past generations: the horizontal grille of the radiator is almost completely similar to the grid of the "Volga" of the third series. During the manufacturing process, the design of the new machine was repeatedly modernized and improved. So there were new models of auto: GAZ 24-10, 24-02 and many others. "Volga" has become not only a civilian, but also a service car.

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The first "Volga" of the new generation came off the assembly lineback in 1968, but mass production began only a year later, in 1969. The new GAZ 24 v8 was designed as a car for government agencies and organizations.

This machine was the cherished dream of millions of Soviet citizens. It was one of the most expensive cars of that era. The presence of GAZ 24 v8 underscored the high status of its owner.

The interior of the car was comfortable, spacious andis quite capacious. There was more than enough free space on the back seats. And if necessary in the salon of the Volga could accommodate up to 6 people at the same time! The driver's seat was adjustable, it changed the level of the backrest inclination. Pushing away as far as possible the passenger and driver's seats, lowering their backs, the salon easily turned into a solid comfortable sofa.

The details of the GAZ 24 v8 interior were rather simple, but notwithout raisins. The instrument panel of the Volga had a flat and symmetrical shape. All instruments were rectangular. It was an emphasis on the prestige and modernity of the car. It is worth noting that the new "Volga" lacked a tachometer, and the speedometer was a tape type (until the mid-70's).

gas 24 engine

Ingoda in the people for their reliability and endurance,The "Volga" was compared to an armored car. The body was resistant to corrosion and, even after ten years, it looked almost new. The quality and thickness of the metal from which the body was made, far exceeded the performance of the Zhiguli and the Muscovites.

All GAZ 24 v8 cars were mannedpetrol engines. At GAZ 24 - the engine ZMZ 24, and the engine GAZ 24-10 was designated ZMZ 24-10. Machines were equipped with a mechanical four-speed gearbox. Cars were rear-wheel drive type with longitudinal motor placement. Without any changes, the legend of the Soviet car industry was being produced right up to perestroika, after which the "twenty-four" was replaced by a newer and more modern car - GAZ Volga 31029.

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