/ What is a homemade caterpillar?

What is a self-made caterpillar?

Russia is famous for its craftsmen who are able not only to repair the car with their own hands, but also to develop and produce homemade equipment on caterpillar tracks.

homemade caterpillar

The idea is one - a self-made caterpillar. But for its implementation, very different approaches and solutions are applied. However, it is the creation of the caterpillar itself that brings a lot of hassle to enthusiasts. Many in this case resort to the solution in the simplest way: they acquire the tools made by the plant and install it on their own cross-country vehicle. But, you see, there is nothing more pleasant than embodying your idea with your own hands, including making your own devices for your car. Next, several of the most effective ways of making caterpillars with their own hands will be presented.

The easiest way

A self-made caterpillar for an all-terrain vehicle or snowmobile,having a small weight, can be made on the basis of a simple sleeve-roller chain and conveyor belt. And to make it very simple, there is no need to purchase a special tool.

homemade track caterpillar

In order for this self-made caterpillar to servelonger, it is necessary to sew the edge of the conveyor belt with a fishing line. Step - about a centimeter. This procedure will help to protect the tape from "rasp-mowing". But you can connect it to a ring in any acceptable and accessible way for you. Less reliable is simply to sew the ends of the tape. Most often it is advised to use a pivot type hinge.

But the thickness of the tape depends on the power of the engine installed on the all-terrain vehicle. A reading of 8 to 10 mm would be appropriate if you use a motor from a domestic motorcycle.

A device made in a similar way is goodsuitable for snowmobile operation. Plus, this self-made caterpillar easily lends itself to both repair and replacement in case of damage. This greatly simplifies the process of operating your invention.

homemade track for an all-terrain vehicle

Caterpillars made of tires

Many craftsmen make high-travel adaptations from automobile tires. To do this, it is best to take the tires from a truck with a characteristic tread pattern.

How can homemadecaterpillar? Tires need to be processed. To do this, we cut off the side of the tire, leaving only the tape of the "treadmill". This process requires a lot of force, because it is laborious and quite heavy.

To facilitate the work, you can moisten the knife bladein a soap solution, which facilitates easier cutting of rubber. If you only work with one device, then you can use an electric jigsaw with small teeth.

After you have cut off the tire cover, if necessary, it is necessary to remove the extra layer from the wrong side. After that, you can cut another, satisfying you structure of grousers.

This self-made caterpillar has largeadvantages over the above. It has a closed reverse circuit and, consequently, a higher reliability. This ensures increased safety and long service life.

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