/ Which brake pads are better: useful information

Which brake pads are better: useful information

If you want to be confident in the effectiveness andthe reliability of the braking system of your car, you need to correctly choose the brake pads and disks. Which brake pads are better? What is the fault of the brake system? This is what will be discussed.

what brake pads are better

The braking system is only two types: disc and drum. When the vehicle brakes, the pads tightly clamp the disc, so that it stops rotating. In all machines the pads are freely blown with air. This makes it possible to cool the friction material (which is important for the pads, since they can heat up to six hundred degrees Celsius). For a mountainous area, ventilated brake discs are used. The only difference is the presence of special holes, through which cold air gets on the pads when moving. On the question of which brake discs are better, the answer is ambiguous. The fact is that both drum and disk systems are suitable for certain operating conditions. And they should be chosen based on the climate, terrain and style of driving.

Thus it is not necessary to save on brake disks,and in general on the braking system as a whole. This can lead to an accident, and possibly with deadly consequences. Replace parts on a regular basis. Buy parts of the brake system in Russia is very simple, but make the right choice - is quite difficult. Each driver when buying is faced with a huge range of products and can not decide which brake pads are best to choose.

the best brake pads

Many buyers think that replacing the originaldisc brake pads on the other should improve the braking system and reduce braking distances. But not exactly. Some non-firm pads may simply not approach your car and, conversely, increase the braking distance. Therefore, you should carefully select parts for the car.

It should be noted that when changing brake padsit is better to change everything at once. For example, if you change the front pads, cover both front wheels at once. Do the same when replacing the rear brake pads. This will avoid the conditions under which new and already worn pads will not stop the wheels equally, which will worsen the handling of the car.

What brake pads are better to choose and whether to overpay

As a rule, the cost of products is affected by the quality of the friction material from which it is made, as well as the brand.

what brake discs are better

The prices for the original pads are an order of magnitude higher, butsuch overpayment in this case guarantees unrivaled quality. You can also buy products from other manufacturers - then the cost will be slightly lower. But at the same time, it is worth to be convinced of the reliability and quality of the company that produces such details. Avoid purchasing brake parts in markets, restored pads (discs) or parts of dubious origin. Having saved on the braking system, you can get a poor-quality product, which will very quickly fail. It is best to purchase parts at specialized points of sale.

In order to find out which brake pads are best to choose, experts ranked the most reliable manufacturers:

  • Ferodo;
  • EBC;
  • Bendix;
  • Remsa;
  • Roadhouse;
  • Jurid;
  • ATE;
  • Pagid.

These and other criteria will help you choose the best brake pads and wheels for your car.

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