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Mongoose alarm is the best security system for your car!

Everyone after the purchase of transportmeans is faced with the problem of acquiring alarms and faces a difficult choice: how to buy really good? Today we will talk about how to choose the best. Let's divide for the beginning all security systems into several types: usual, with feedback, with autorun. Let's consider each of them.

mongoose alarm system

Conventional one-way alarms

This type of car security systemsis the cheapest and, accordingly, the most affordable. Despite its low price, the alarm data has a pretty decent functionality: when struck, they give sound and light signals, close and open the car doors. Such systems are popular and popular with drivers due to their low price.

Alarms with feedback

In this type of security system is presentkeychain, which reflects the state of the machine. In more expensive versions, you can see all the parameters of the car: the temperature in the cabin, the temperature of the brake fluid, the volume of the tank, etc. In simpler models, you can see when an alarm is triggered, which part of the car was hit by a blow. Also, this system will be able to notify you if you forgot to close doors or windows. This type of alarm is more expensive in comparison with the first, but also more reliable. For today it is the most popular kind among motorists all over the world thanks to a parity of the price and quality.

Alarms with feedback and autorun

This type of vehicle security system isthe most expensive and most advanced. It supports all functions of the above types of alarms, while opening up new possibilities for remote control of the car. With the keyfob with the display that comes in the kit, you can control the following processes in the car from a distance: turning on and off the engine, opening doors and trunk, turning on and automatically turning off the heated seats and air conditioning. The keychain of such systems has the function of protection from children, as well as blocking accidental pressing. The range is about 500 meters.

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Popular manufacturers

Currently, the automotive marketprotection is simply amazing with its wide choice. You can buy any alarm from all the presented. But how to get really good? To do this, it is worth buying security systems only known manufacturers. One of the most reliable and high-quality security systems is the Mongoose alarm system. Other less popular manufacturers include Sheriff, as well as Ranger.

The advantages that Mongoose alarm

The first and most significant advantage in our timeis a relatively small cost of this system. At a fairly democratic price, the Mongoose alarm system has a full set of the driver's most needed functions for every taste. You can purchase and cheaper models from this manufacturer (one-sided). Among such most popular are Base, TT and IQ. But we will talk about more expensive and perfect types of security systems for the car from this manufacturer.

Mongoose - the best signaling with feedback!

This manufacturer introduced us in 2012its new creation of this brand -EMS 1.9 R. This Mongoose-alarm system is the best at the moment that the developers of the company have produced. With this system you can completely control your car at a distance of up to 1 kilometer! You can turn on the lights, as well as heating and climate control, if any, open the doors, hood and trunk, lower the glass. You can start and stop the engine, lock and unlock the doors, and start the car. All this you can do thanks to the unique interface of the key fob, which includes the Mongoose alarm system. The instruction and additional accessories are also included in it.

alarm mongoose
If you want to protect your car, pick up the Mongoose alarm with an auto start and two-way communication. "You sleep peacefully while your car is guarded!" - the motto of this company.

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