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How to choose brake pads ("Gazelle"): front and rear

Brake pads are an integral partany auto. This is also true for the models of the GAZ group. From these consumables much depends, and most importantly - it's driver safety. Let's find out what brake pads exist ("Gazelle"), and also consider some of the nuances of their choice.

Important Settings

Among the most important is thecharacteristic, like operating temperature. It is for her that preference is given to this or that other producer. In general, this temperature depends directly on the material from which the shoe is made.

brake pads gazelle
So, for different manufacturers this indicator can differ substantially. Optimum - this is from 300 to 500 degrees Celsius for GAZ cars.

Also, considerable weight when choosing has a coefficientfriction. If the brake pads "Gazelle" does not have time to warm up to operating temperatures, then this coefficient will be lower. As a result, wear will be higher when braking. For standard products installed in the factory, the coefficient can be from 0.3 to 0.5. So, than this figure is larger, the more effective the braking will be.

Types of pads

Thus, the operating temperatures largely depend on the material from which the manufacturer has manufactured the pads. There are four types of material.


Here in the composition is from 30 to 65% of the metal. Often it is an iron, graphite or copper powder that is mixed with various inorganic components. In addition, the composition can be found special substances, modifiers, which affect the effectiveness. Among the advantages of these pads - excellent heat dissipation, but among the minuses - very rapid wear, as well as a strong noise in the braking process.

Brake pads rear gazelle
As for the price, it's about 15 to 25 dollars, that is, a fairly budgetary solution.


Here, in the composition of the part, the fibers made fromglass, Kevlar or other carbon components. Also here you can find resin and rubber. These products are as soft as possible for discs. Their work is practically not accompanied by noise. However, among the minuses - low efficiency of braking in wet or wet conditions. In addition, organic brake pads create too much dust.

Low and simple metal brake pads

These products are significantly higher than others. However, their quality is quite high.

brake pads for gazelle front
In their composition are all the same components that you cansee in the composition of organic products, but in addition there is copper or steel. This is done in order to improve heat exchange and increase efficiency. They brake very well, but also effectively wear out the disc.

Ceramic products

This is the maximum efficiency, but at the same time the mostroad product. Here the quality of braking is much better than with other shoes. Ceramics more resistant to high temperatures, and the characteristics are not lost when moisture gets. In the composition you can find various ceramic fibers, metal. These products are more sparing for disks, they are practically not heated, and they are less dusty. Price - the highest among others.

Products and brands

The modern market is saturated with various spare parts and consumables.

brake pads gazelle next
But in all this it is necessary to be guided. Not all products are quality and original. For example, today it is very easy to buy fake brake pads. "Gazelle" will not last for long. We will give a short overview of the market by popularity among the owners of these cars.

Allied Nippon

It is a Japanese company that is worldwideis considered one of the leaders in the production of brake systems. The company supplies consumables to the conveyors of many automobile giants. This brand offers several different models of products for light trucks from GAZ.

Model ADB0795 - this brake pads on the "Gazelle" front.

brake pads gazelle business

They are ideal for 3302 and modifications based on it. Tests of these products were conducted. During the tests there was a check for run-in, speed tests, stability check.

If you do not go into the figures and details, then inThe result is an effective consumable, which fully meets all the requirements of GAZ. In the course of the test, one insignificant drawback was revealed - this is a squeak when braking. But it appears infrequently. In general, efficiency and quality make this squeak invisible.

GAS Expert

Under this brand are offered padsbrake rear ("Gazelle" and "Valdai" including), as well as parts for the front brakes. In addition, these products are suitable for the model "Business" and "Next", as well as the "Sable". This is the quality that is guaranteed by the maximum level of performance. The composition of the pads used the most modern and progressive friction materials.

replacement of rear brake pads on gazelle
In the composition you will not find asbestos. Manufacturers have gone from using this harmful material.

The material of the pads is designed not to causeharm to the brake disc. Guaranteed the least wear on the surface of the disc. Completely eliminated scratches and scuffs. They are stable and predictable at all speeds, at all temperatures and pressure levels. Completely suitable brake pads. "Gazelle Next" with them behaves very well.

The model is resistant to corrosion, which makes itattractive. As for the resource, it is 30 000 km. Users are very positive about the products of this company. Verdict is a great choice.


This is a domestic manufacturer, but despite this, many use these brake pads. "Gazel Business" and other models from GAZ, even the newest, are equipped with them.

High-tech products due to applicationSpecial composite material received a gold medal for quality. These products have one advantage. With their stable properties under any conditions, they are characterized by an increased resource. In the composition of both the rear and the front pads, there is no asbestos. And excellent frictional properties make the braking process very effective. Pads are in good demand among the owners of "Gazelles".

The company produces brake pads ("Gazelle") inseveral series. So, there is an economy series, comfort, and also elite. Even in a budget series, these consumables have excellent properties and characteristics.

Owners of the Next models are particularly positive about the products of this company - they are no worse than the original products, the cost of which is very high.

We select pads correctly

When you select the appropriate set, it is recommended thatcarefully examine the goods. Serious foreign manufacturers supply their products in good packaging materials. Such goods can not be bought on the market - they are sold in car stores.

Also pay attention to the marking. They must be certified according to European standards.

brake pads gazelle
The brake shoe must not have any cracks or damage at all. Also, do not be tempted by low prices - most likely, the manufacturer has saved on the material.

Running-in process

Like all other parts in the car, newThe brake pads must be attached to the surface of the disc. At this time, their work will not be very effective. If the replacement of the rear brake pads on the "Gazelle" was carried out because of the annoying squeak, then until the product has not worn enough, you will hear it again.

While running-in, it is not recommended to use brakes aggressively. Distance run-in - 200 km.

Choose pads with all responsibility - your life depends on it.

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