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Description and specifications of Toyota Avensis

Excellent technical characteristics of ToyotaAvensis "in conjunction with a successful design and high comfort allow the car for a long time to hold the leading position in its segment of the market. One of the most successful was the third generation of cars. It was created specifically for Europe and debuted at an automobile exhibition in Paris. As for the cost of Toyota Avensis, the new car is sold as standard in the salons of domestic dealers for an amount that starts at 860 thousand rubles.

Toyota Avensis new

Despite the fact that in the automotive worldThe tendency to constant increase and weighting of separate models is traced, the Japanese designers hold a different opinion. This is confirmed by the technical characteristics of Toyota Avensis, as well as its exterior. Novelty looks both slim and bold. It should be noted that, compared with the previous modification, the body of the car lengthened by only five centimeters. At the same time, his back post was pushed back, which allowed to increase the volume of the internal space. Due to the high belt line and the hemispherical roof, the aerodynamic parameters of the model have improved. It is impossible not to notice the stretched headlights decorating the front of the car. A significant innovation for the car was the fact that it is no longer produced as a five-door hatchback and is only available in the "universal" and "sedan" bodies.

Toyota Avensis specifications

Not only the specifications of ToyotaAvensis ", but the salon of the last generation of the car deserves special attention. Its upholstery uses soft plastic of high quality. It should be noted that the buyer is available several options for color solutions for the interior, as well as the possibility of its layout by the skin. The surface of the front console is textured and has an interesting structure. The steering wheel in the car is adjusted individually for a specific user. On the front panel there is a touch screen, which displays the data of the built-in navigation system. The salon provides a sufficient amount of free space for passengers, and the volume of the trunk is 500 liters. The noise insulation of the machine is made at a high level, so that no foreign sounds can be heard inside.

Toyota Avensis specifications

Separate words deserve in the new model of ToyotaAvensis »technical characteristics of the car. In the domestic market, cars with engines of 126 and 147 horsepower are sold. These motors function in conjunction with the "mechanics" for six stages or a variator. Fuel consumption is 9.2 and 5.7 liters in urban and suburban mode, respectively. To accelerate from place to "hundred" car takes 10 seconds, and its maximum speed is 205 km / h. Technical characteristics of Toyota Avensis allow the car to easily and gently overcome potholes and pits. Suspension thus work almost silently. In turns the car enters smoothly, accurately carrying out all commands of the driver and not supposing any rolls. In this case, we can not but rejoice the economy of the third generation of the car. It is provided largely due to a system that independently controls the opening and closing of valves.

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