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"Hyundai Accent" - reviews and review of the 2013 model line of cars

Certainly, "Hyundai Accent" is one of thethe most popular budget sedans, which combines the best qualities of comfort, safety, modern design and a democratic price. Due to this, this Korean successfully holds on to the world market and does not plan to leave the first line of sales. In Russia, he is well known as "Hyundai Solaris", and abroad as "Accent". To get acquainted with it more closely, we will devote this car to a separate review and consider all its features using the 2013 model line Hyundai Accent.

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Reviews and review of design

If the previous generation of sedans did not differexpressive and bright appearance, then after restyling "Hyundai Accent" began to look different. Outwardly, you will not even think that this is a budget-class car. His relief body, a shark nose and an aerodynamic bumper create a completely different impression, as if "Hyundai Accent" (a photo of a Korean sedan you can see in the article above) is a representative car with a sporty appearance. No matter how ideal it is called, unambiguously simple, scanty and fresh lines here you will not see. Well, he does not roll on the "budget", whatever one may say! The tilted roof, the teardrop silhouette and the swift hood played a role and finally crossed the budget line, making the usual sedan not just beautiful, but also truly presentable. Previously, this was only possible for the developers of Kia Rio, which is now the main competitor for the Hyundai Accent sedan.

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Reviews and review of technical specifications

It is worth noting that from the new year, the Korean willequipped with two modernized power units. Among them, the base is a 1.4-liter gasoline unit with a capacity of 107 horsepower. "Top" is a 123-strong injector engine with a working volume of 1.6 liters. The application of the multipoint injection system allowed engineers to significantly reduce the fuel consumption of the new Hyundai Accent. The reviews state that the car absorbs not more than 5.9 liters of 92 gasoline per "hundred".

With regards to transmissions, the novelty is equipped with two optional gearboxes. This can be a classic "mechanics" in 5 steps or a 4-band "automatic".


On the highway "Hyundai Accent 2013" behaves quicklyand confident. "The Hundred" novelty is gaining only 11.5 with the base and 10.2 seconds with the "top" engine. At the same time, the maximum speed for a Korean is 190 kilometers per hour.

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"Hyundai Accent" - reviews about the cost

Initially, this car proved itself,as the most affordable and reliable in its class (and not only in Russia). And really - such powerful, comfortable and dynamic cars with the appearance of a business sedan have yet to be looked for. The combination of price / quality is most optimally chosen - for the "base" it is necessary to lay out about 459 thousand rubles. This is about the same as the domestic "Lada Granta Sport". The maximum equipment costs 679 thousand rubles, while the car will literally be stuffed with various electronic systems, sensors and computers.

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